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  1. I've been real busy lately and haven't been around here much lately. These pics ever get posted anywhere??
  2. I was extremely happy to see you, it made my wife feel much more comfortable, esp at PURE. We both had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone. Hope to do it again!!
  3. The thing that sticks out in my mind is that you say you will bounce back the next day in a 24 hour period. From what I saw of Mike he can go strong for 24 hours straight if not a lot longer. That dude is a maniac.
  4. 2 quick things on your blog Daniel, the club's name is PURE not LURE. And wife's name is spelled Stacy, not a big deal though the spelling with the 'e' in it happens a lot.Thanks for the great weekend, that was a blast.
  5. Nice pics, esp 3rd and 4th pics with me in on DN's left side.
  6. I'm sitting here at the airport with limited time on this machine, so going to make this quick.THIS TRIP WAS AWESOME!!PURE is totally crazy awesome!!It was great meeting all the guys (and girls don't want to leave Patty and Lori out, oh and mom. ) Can't wait to see some more pics, I'll post some tomorrow after I get some sleep.Thanks for the awesome time to the FCP team.bird75
  7. Aye. I hope to get to the hotel by the time the poker playing starts up though. My plane gets in at 2:20... Can NOT wait to party at PURE!!
  8. Any chance of moving the date of this tourney as some of us from here will be in Vegas partying/playing with DN on the 4th. Just a suggestion.
  9. Cool. I was able to find pretty decent flights still available on Southwest. I am wondering what activities they have planned for us on Sunday, FCP info just told me that they had a full day of plans for us on Sunday before the party. I got your PM. It is cool that all 4 of us from the first tourney will be there.
  10. Just starting up a topic in this forum for the second weekend.My wife and I will be arriving in Vegas around 2:20 on Saturday. We leave around 4 on Monday. I've never been to Vegas before so I can't wait.
  11. croc and ihaveanicepair, maybe we should use the weekend at Daniels forum towards the bottom of this section to communicate with each other??
  12. Booked the flight last night. We will be flying from St. Louis to Salt Lake City then Vegas and getting into Vegas around 2:20.
  13. Dude, your about as much of a "noob" as he is, you just post a lot of stuff like this... he won the contest, he just wants some info.Ever hear of PMing or maybe going to one of the help forums? Maybe you hang out in general too much.He's trying to find out what has happened in past contests, not trying to find out what's happening with the current one.I happen to know that ihaveanicepair has sent an email and recieved a reply saying we would be getting details on Monday. That's just a long time to wait, from Thursday night till Monday to find out any info, imo. I know its been driving me cr
  14. I doubt that's going to make anyone feel better. I bet Ihaveanicepr can feel you on being heads up and getting cold decked.
  15. AS info stated we have to wait till Monday to get more details.But what has been said so far is that he (Fcp_info) was 98% sure the trip was only for one. I asked about bringing a guest along then and he said that had not been decided.
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