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  1. im in as jonmontagwon KK early up to about 12k
  2. yeah i took 4th place for about $560... lost a big hand with 4 or 5 people left when i was chipleader...put another big stack all in preflop with AA against AJ and of course the AJ was too much for the aces hitting trip jacks which crippled me pretty bad. It was a pot of 400,000 chips which would have given me more than half of the chips in play, pretty weak but ah well, thats poker.
  3. Currently 8 people left in a $10 Tournament at Pokerstars, almost a thousand started. In 3rd of 8, username is jonmontag.No Limit Holdem $10Tournament 34146933thanks guys.
  4. Tourney ID: 29830135username: jonmontagin 1st of 8 left at break, hopefully i can finish strong
  5. The plan for the summer is to 4-6 table the $2/4 shorthanded games, so far I am still finishing up one of my summer classes during the day and heading to play live at night to get out of the apartment. However, once this class is done I will be putting in easily 1000 hands a day and grinding it out.
  6. The cash games I play are limit games and I also play online NL MTT's, those are really the only two I play. I really enjoy tournament play but being in college and having constant living expenses its not easy to take the variance associated with a cold streak in tournaments, so I grind out the extra cash for bills and tourney fees at the limit tables.. I guess the reason I didn't post it earlier was that I just got around to it, I am not a huge regular here and only check the forum once a week or so and I decided to post it when I was checkin the forum out last night.My goal will remain the
  7. I started the goal last Sunday and I post the following day, I did not win a large amount until a couple days after my first post, so my goal was obviously set prior to my big cash... I am out of school for the summer and decided I would try to set a goal to accomplish that was kind of high so I would have something to reach for, so far I have been incredibly hot and I expect that to cool down at some point. In addition, I set my goal so high for the limits I play because I had intentions of playing satellites into bigger events and I was hoping I would get at least one nice score throughout
  8. I decided I was going to try to win 10k in 100 days, for some background, I am usually a 2/4 and 3/6 online player and I will play some higher stakes live, I also play tournaments but this is a pretty large goal that I am hoping I can accomplish. Since I set up my goal and the blog to track it I have been running pretty hot, hopefully I can not only meet the goal but do it faster than 100 days. Check it out if interested...http://100days10k.blogspot.com
  9. Don't play on Full Tilt often but play tournaments on Pokerstars a good amount, top 100 on tournament leaderboard so far this week and didn't even play the big sunday event like most on there.... you can look me up under jonmontag at thepokerdb.com. I would be willing to play the tourney for a 40% cut or I pay $50 and a 10% cut since I don't have any plans on Sunday, if not I will try to satellite in myself, just let me know...Also on AIM as JONMONTAG
  10. I have seen the sites but its not really worth buying from them, figured I could buy for more than they pay for them and cheaper then they sell them for.
  11. Hey all, just looking to purchase some tournament dollars on pokerstars if anyone has any in their account they are looking to sell just let me know. You may have won these from a satellite or something and decided not to play the event..
  12. At 3700..was at 7000 for a little but but lost a good amount chasing a straight flush draw in a 3 way pot...either a straight of flush hit and i would have been paid well so no regrets.. No hands since and dwindling down..
  13. I started like you playing the low limit games and what helped make my bankroll steadily increase was bonus hunting. Its basically just opening accounts at the different pokersites and taking advantage of the bonuses they offer. Several sites allow you to clear hands at lower limits like .25/50, .50/1. The list I use is at:http://www.buildabankroll.comBest of luck, and try to stay within the bankroll.
  14. Got down to about 1100 but able to run it back up to about 2900 without any showdowns. Blinds just passed and sitting right around 2515- jonmontag
  15. Well down to 1650 already.. two nice suited Ax hands since i made last post... made continuation bets on both, and got large check raises that i had to lay down...
  16. in as jonmontag...moved up to 2800...
  17. In as jonmontag again...Not much has happened yet...some minor hands have not panned out, at about 1750
  18. OH really. So you are the man, huh ? You got money to back that up ? $50 NL heads up ? I'm a donk, why ? Because I checked the turn ? Did you call Raymer donk when he checked the turn and river ?What site is that at? You do seem like a donkey, not listening to others advice and getting upset so easily. This is definitely a hand to bet the turn again. As far as challenging to headsup matches, please make me an offer too...
  19. I have some FPP points to spend and I was looking at picking up a book from the Pokerstars FPP store. Championship Satellite Strategy by Tom McEvoy caught my eye when I was looking at the books as I play a good amount of satellites to get into big tournaments. I was wondering if anyone has read this book, and what they think of it. Is it mainly for beginners or would it help an experience satellite player. I have had my fair share of success in satellites so I don't need the basics laid out for me. If it is for beginners, what would you recommend I get with my points??
  20. Hey guys, I am looking to build a computer for myself and I could use some help picking out some good components. I know enough about computers and the components, have taken apart and put a few together, just not real up to date on specifics about the processors, motherboards, video cards, etc. So anyways, I am looking to put myself together a pretty nice PC. My primary use for the PC will be to play online poker, I will not be doing a whole lot else as I have an Apple Powerbook for a laptop that I do all of my web surfing, email, word processing on. I currently have a PC that I use to play o
  21. Good idea to move back down in limits...
  22. Hey man-You want to be good at poker online, make a couple grand a month? I will tell you how I started.. First of all you need to sit down and read some books, the Theory of Poker may be a little advanced, especially for the low limits you are playing. Just get a basic concept of the games and from there it is experience. Personally I started as a low limits, Limit HoldEm player and I was able to work out a couple hundred dollars a week at the low stakes. If this interests you, I will give some pointers.. Get a strict starting hand requirement, try not to play hands unless it is two face
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