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  1. I don't really like the pre flop raise here with the K10 in a 9 handed game. I think the flop re raise is a bigger mistake though. he only has 40 behind after calling pre flop, so i don't see how he could fold after leading for 12. i can just think of way way too many hands that crush you. you have no counterfeit protection and no re draws, so why risk the 55 for a 32 dollar pot in the off chance he might fold. he's getting something like 3-1 on your re raise, so i don't see him going anywhere. i like the aggression, i just think we could maybe find another spot to attack in.
  2. Is full tilt the only site that offers these tables at the smaller stakes?
  3. call 3 handed. there are tons of high hands those two can be fighting over. i think folding here is a definite mistake with no pre flop action.
  4. PokerStars Game #17548498045: Omaha Hi/Lo Pot Limit ($0.10/$0.25) - 2008/05/19 - 17:28:12 (ET)Table 'Lydina IV' 6-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 1: speaknuts ($9.35 in chips) Seat 2: MR.HANDMAN ($18 in chips) Seat 3: marielou2004 ($8.55 in chips) Seat 4: jmars300 ($27.45 in chips) Seat 5: unevrno ($3.55 in chips) Seat 6: victorforbes ($51.20 in chips) speaknuts: posts small blind $0.10MR.HANDMAN: posts big blind $0.25*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to victorforbes [8h Ad Ah Kd]marielou2004: calls $0.25jmars300: calls $0.25unevrno: folds victorforbes: raises $1.10 to $1.35speaknuts: folds MR.HANDMAN: f
  5. I play a lot of plo8 6 max and am always weighing the benefits of primarily limping or primarily raising. Lately about 85% of the hands I play (when not in either blind) I have been entering with a standard raise. To me this seems the only way to be profitable, especially as the limits go up. Was just wondering about people's arguments from either side of the spectrum...Just looking for some more o8 discussion
  6. Did you have a big King there Daniel? Do you mind sharing any insights into how you could eliminate those three hands so quickly? just curious about your thought process on that one.
  7. youve made it really obvious that you have the 8 and hes still making a big raise on you - definite fold. also if you fill up with a 7 it puts the low out there, so j and 9 are probably your only scoopers.if you both had more like 20 dollar stacks calling the turn works i think as your implied odds seem to be his stack.
  8. Do they run any non Hold Em games at the River Rock? I was thinking about driving out there but i only really play o8.
  9. any link to the episode? i want to re watch it.
  10. the question is - could you have folded an AJ9 board..
  11. I'm debating trying a month long membership, but figured I'd check what all you get with one and if it's worth the money. I play mostly HU sit and gos and would use it to keep track of results since i have to manually enter them on PT.Thanks
  12. it depends on the player. i've seen this play a lot when they assume your pf raise to mean a2 and try to scare you away with a high turn. since its a 2.20 mtt, easy fold. maybe you are good, but don't stick your money in when you hope to make half - have half locked and hope to win the rest.
  13. If you know anyone send them my way. I don't have the attention span for these technical difficulties.
  14. Whats the easiest way?I tried to make a post but support deleted it.
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