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  1. I lost the hand history but I will give as much detail as possible.Playing in the 24 + 2 28,000 guarantee last night on FTPThere were 19 players left out of 1422.I was sitting w/ 67,000 in chips in 11th place. I had a fairly tight image as I had only played 2 hands in 4 orbits and neither one of them went past the flop(I won both)Chip leader at the table had 132k and was 3rd overall in the field.Blinds 2500k/5000k with 600 chip anteI was in the BB and had 10/10.The chipleader in the cutoff made it 18k. He had been stealing alot of blinds and was rarely called.I ended up pushing all in preflop
  2. Alright FCP'ers since the other fantasy football league is now full. I have decided that since there is a demand another league is necessary.I have created the site and will be commissioner.If you don't like me or don't trust me for whatever reason then don't play. I have been a member of this site for over 2 years and may not post as much as others, but I am on the forums every day. I am already in the other league and am just trying to do a nice thing for the people who didn't get in. The league will be a $100 buy-in Unlimited moves will be permitted free of charge.12-team league - top 6 go
  3. I am in 100%.1) Are we going to use the site I created or another one?2) I havent played online poker for 2 years, can I send a check to whoever I need to send it to? 2 1/2) I can also deposit on Fulltilt if they still allow it and transfer.ThanksRyan
  4. I have already set a draft time and date. The sunday before the season starts at 1:30 pacific time. CBS format sucks and there server sucks also, that is why it is set up on yahoo.All league details are on the middle of the 2nd page.
  5. Like i said I just started the league so we could get things started. I have no problem giving someone else commish.E-mail me for the pw to the league as it is a private league. Then we can get things underway on the message board there instead of 1000 people here.ryansanders1@gmail.com
  6. I made the league a 12 person league. 14 is WAY to many. I have played ff for 10 years so I am well versed as well."is the ryansanders league the official one? have we decided all of the details yet? I just made it so we could get things underway. I will give someone else commish if they want it.
  7. Ok I couldn't find anyone who has actually made the league yet. I have gone ahead and started the league on yahoo since that seemed to be the concensus.I can be commishioner, but if someone has there heart set on it please let me know and I will transfer over the powers ha.The league will be a 200 buy-in 12 team league - top 6 go to playoffs. top 4 get paid1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex wr/rb, 1 te, 1 def, 1 k, 5 benchDraft will be on Sept 2 1:30pm PacificPayments will need to be mailed via mail or paypal before Aug 30th. If payment is not recieved your team will be locked and deleted.I have alrea
  8. I'm in.... I played in 30 leagues last year. 16 of them money leagues. I am down for whatever stakes. Someone please e-mail any details.ryansanders1@gmail.com
  9. I haven't played online poker for around year now and purchased 2 vanilla visa gift cards. I am getting a declined notice when i try and use them. Is there any site that can work on? or am I SOL
  10. 1) I hate poker2) I hate online Poker3) I hate online Players4)I hate old people who play poker5)I hate it when people say "Im better then him"6)People who suck but think there good7)People who play drunk and then cry when they lose8)People who want to tell me stories of poker, I DON'T CARE9)Slow Rolling - I fight people over that10)I hate most pro poker players11)I hate the US poker championship on ESPN - STOP PLAYING IT PLEASE12)Poker pros who think there god's gift to the world cuz they can play a card game13)I hate poker magazines - I DON'T CARE WHO WON THAT TOURNAMENT IN THAT PLACE14)I ha
  11. Stay at the Gold Coast if your looking for cheap, I stayed there during the WSOP and the rooms were recently renovated, and have plasma TV's in the rooms. Close to the strip and right next to the RIO and Palms
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