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Hand Advice ?!?!

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Posted 11 April 2012 - 07:07 AM

quite the pickle ... what do you do when you get what you want but don't really like it as much as you thought you would? What were you thinking your opponent thought you had? You see how many of the posts would NOT put you on your hand since they are not opening with it themselves. So in your opponents mind you are actually stronger than 67 preflop ... either pocket pair or strong Ace. So they just call the flop bet and turn now offers a flush draw and they panic ... shoving all-in to protect what? Set sounds likely or a made straight ... maybe even A9 spades ... or better 2-pair.If you are ahead, then you are only 65% to win against what woud be expected holdings, so you have to decide if you are ready for an exit or a double up. If you are behind, then at best you are 30% to win down to 0% (set of 8s).I would suggest a larger flop bet or going for a check raise expecting one of the others to have a go at this board. You may end up folding before the turn if you get a re-raise but it might have been a cheaper way to go here. If you check flop, they are going to put you AK-ish and lead out, then you put pressure on them with the re-raise which would scream over-pair, not really 2-pair or set (made hand alert for sure) ... if you get played back at, then you can fold or go all the way.All depends on your read on your opponent and your willingness to live with dropping down to 10 BB if you are beat. If you play lots of tournaments ... call. If this is your once a week or month ... good fold and it was just a bad flop for your 'gutsy' opening choice of holdings. My guess would be that they overvalued an open-ended strt AND flush draw, maybe with one pair and put you on AK ... hoping it wasn't AK of spades. It could have even been an over-pair now scared of both the str and flush draws ... again, putting you on AK-ish ... Good Luck ...

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Posted 17 May 2012 - 01:32 PM

If you are going to play that hand in that position I would have limped. Once the first person calls your bet of just 275 most others will follow because of the odds get better and better (due to the antes)first guy getting just about 2-1second guy getting 3 -1SB getting almost 5-1BB getting 7.5-1This is where antes make the game more and more complex for those that just play ABC poker. With that many players just the antes alone pretty much equal the BB so if you chose to play 67 in mid position I would have limped and folded to a proper raise or opened with a bet of around 400 or 450. I am gussing you wouldn't have had that many callers. From there it would depend on who is calling you. But once the hand played out as it did 2050 on the turn heads up IMO was too much if you weren't planning on calling a shove. I think a not so quick check there makes a world of difference.

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