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Jeff Madsen Jokes On The Most Recent Episode Of The Circuit

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In case you guys missed it and don't feel like downloading The Circuit, some guy called in and told these Jeff Madsen jokes. Jeff Madsen doesn't rake pots, he carries around in his pocket a miniature mexican landscaping crew that rakes them for him.Jeff Madsen have never made a t.v. final table because his likeness is incapable of being digitally captured.Jeff Madsen's Full Tilt avatar is just a baby wearing gold bracelets.Jeff Madsen doesn't play online, he just takes the money directly out of your bank account.Jeff Madsen doesn't move all in, he teleports all in.Jeff Madsen didn't learn to play poker, he aquired this skill from shredding and eating Super System.Jeff Madsen doesn't chew his food, he just reraises it until the nutrients fold into his stomach.Jeff Madsen folded once. Once.Jeff Madsen wasn't born, he was spawned as the result of a genetic anamoly that occured when lightning struck a Full Tilt commercial shoot.Jeff Madsen doesn't fold, he just lets other people win out of pity.Some people drink Red Bull at the table, Jeff Madsen drinks the blood of infidels.

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