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Labor Day Poker Project

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nice job!I bought a pretty good one @ ****'s sporting goods for $100 last year, not the same quality as yours but its pretty good, nice felt, but it feels cheaply made when its folded apart.Yours looks really nice and i like the red 'felt"

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Your wife/mom (depending on age) is going to be pissed when she sees her kitchen table.
It's a good thing I'm single and all grown up then! :club: How about Ralf on Sunday?He told me you play at PCs.
Please promise us you won't eat on it.
No worries, no food, drink, smoke, or bodily fluids allowed!
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Man, that table looked really good for home made. You're awesome man, and only $175?! Poker tables can cost way more than that. Great deal. I just gotta ask though, is it pretty sturdy?
So far so good, we've played about 4 games on it and had no issues with wobbling or chips not staying stacked. The material i used has some catch to it so the cards dont glide quite like on regular felt, but I think it feels great. I was going to buy one but I find this one more gratifying knowing I made it.
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