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tournament hypothetical

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I know these are usually worthless contrivances that don't accomplish much and assume odd conditions or bad mistakes, but here's one I think actually does strike on some useful tournament philosophy and may be interesting to see the responses, and it has at least a little possibility of happening...(plus Harrington on Hold'em will construct its example hands including such mistakes; good enough for Action Dan should be good enough for me)Middle stages of a tournament; money still rather far off. 10+1 on stars, let's say.3rd minute of 200-400 blinds, 12 minutes left at 200-400Avg. stack is 10kYou have 10k on the button, as does a LAG in MP, and a fish who's drawn out a bunch has 30k 2 spots behind the LAG in the cutoff. LF is the table chip leader, as he keeps busting people with junk and miracle draws.You get dealt 7s8s.Folds to the LAG, who minraises to 800Lucky Fish (LF) calls from COYou call on button.Flop: 2h9sKsLAG bets 1,500 into a 3,000 chip potLF callsYou callTurn: 5d (you now have a gutshot and a flush draw)LAG checksLF checksYou bet 3,000 of your remaining 7,700 into a 7,500 pot on the semibluff, because you had a lapse of all judgment or something; here's where the "hypothetical" part comes in I hope)LAG check-raises All In for 4,700 more, pot is now 18,200LF foldsYou: ?You're getting 3.8-1 on a flush draw plus gutshot (2.83-1 to make a straight or flush). Your hand cannot even beat an average bluff, but folding here leaves you with 12xBB and into shortstack mode (though the next rise in blinds is a ways away) while calling and winning makes you one of the table leaders and pushes you way up the tournament chip rankings, and of course calling and losing puts you out.(yes, I know the real lesson here is don't make retarded bets on the turn, or otherwise get to this kind of situation through playing the hand as mr. hypothetical player did, but the basis for an answer interests me.)

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