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  1. Despite the pot odds, which you didn't have, i think the other thing you have to look at is should you lose and #1 wins its puts him in a better position than you. At this point you say you have a good chip lead, I would want to give that up w/ an extremely poor holding.
  2. Its really much easier if you play larger limits but less tables since its based on the amount of rake. I was 2 tabling 5-10 and i think it took about a month
  3. I assume your talking about tournament play.If your in danger of being blinded off, the time to start making steals is when you have above average hands and its folded to you in poistion. Your basically playing the percentages that the remaining players with cards have less than an above average hand.If your talking about a cash game, rebuy and don't bother w/ the headache
  4. It only raise a red flag if the deposits are in excess of $10,000. Just withdraw it in smaller parts and you'll be fine. But if I were you, I'd start getting in the 15/30 games on there, they are JUICY as can be.
  5. I probably wouldn't have called a raise with that hand, but since you did you have bet more on the turn.
  6. [/size]POKERTRACKER.COMthe online poker players best friend ever.
  7. These decisions are very player and read dependant based on the preflop/flop action. against typical players that don't get too tricky, bet and fold to a raise in both situations
  8. force yourself to sit up straight, it sucks and feels uncomfortable, but it helps back pains.
  9. Far too passive when in position w/ 1 or 2 limpers to you. K10 is and easy rasie w/ 1 limper and you have position, same w/ QJs.
  10. If one of my cashouts hits neteller today I'm in.
  11. I play on Interpoker and Poker Plex(which are just diff skins) every month for their monthly bonuses and usually do really well. The lower limits are a bit tight-passive at times and the software is slower than some others, but all in all not to bad.
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