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  1. Do you even know why I chose my forum handle? Come on, I was at a few FCP tables with you... waiting on you to leave so I could get a seat LMAO.. maybe you get Annie's seat... as much as I'd love to own her!You make that sound so dirty, your desire to own annie duke. :(I assumed you would be a man of discerning tastes, I'm saddened by the implication
  2. Do you even know why I chose my forum handle? Come on, I was at a few FCP tables with you... waiting on you to leave so I could get a seat
  3. Yeah, my formatting was terrible. I know, I'll get the HH dump plus commentary down. This was 1 post, not like I have 31 or however far you got . I'll have content and value later, too, as opposed to expressions of atypically donkish behavior even for me.Ever going back to your effort, BTW?
  4. Well, 500 is stuck in Neteller limbo, thank you crappy Intertopspoker cash out options, plus I will likely do 400 BB for SH games because I'm tight as hell.Sad, huh?Thanks for mentioning the need to valuebet the set of 99, that was one of the hands I felt icky about with no idea why. Like I said, most of them were "click. wait, WTF did I just do?" type situations where I was making the right decision slower than my mouse-finger was screwing something up. That one was legit concern.Also, how come you and KDawg make 6 of these posts, then I end up with the peanut gallery?EDIT: If you keep the bl
  5. Another warning: this will make you a worse player. 308 misplayed hands of retarded craptitude.This is archived on the blog in my signature.Results:-$35.25 after 308 hands of very sloppy piss-poor 1-2 six-max.Hands, or "how not to play":Hand 1: "How do you read the board again?"PokerStars 1/2 Hold'em (5 handed) converterPreflop: Hero is UTG with Kc, Ks.Hero raises, MP calls, 3 folds.Flop: (5.50 SB) Ac, Kh, 3d (2 players)Hero bets, MP calls.Turn: (3.75 BB) Qd (2 players)Hero bets, MP raises, Hero 3-bets, MP caps, Hero calls.River: (11.75 BB) 8c (2 players)Hero bets, MP raises, Hero 3-bets, MP c
  6. If you manage to get on TV saying "He so mad, he call me with Jack High! JACK HIGH!" in the ellix powers voice, I'll give you my entire online roll, whatever it's worth by the time that is broadcast and I verify your doing so.(this one's sarcasm. take that as a sign of faith in you :-P)
  7. We should all pledge dollar amounts for certain phrases; you could make a lot of money if you get them all onto the TV table broadcast. I, for one, will put up 100 bucks for you to say "BOOYAH!!!" when you knock someone out.
  8. OK. That's definitely a good reason to play those; I used to stick myself with suboptimal formats because I didn't have a Neteller account, so I wanted to make sure my idiocy/laziness isn't repeated.As blinds elevate, chance to win quickly converges directly to chip counts.With loose players, you can't win w/o a showdown early, can't steadily or safely chip up early. Still, answer these questions and things start getting easier.Are they loose to preflop all-ins?How aggressive is the preflop play?How much will they call down postflop?How fast is the attrition rate?Passive games pre-flop with th
  9. I'm not qualified to answer the question, but if you're not suited to their structure, why play there? And if someone else is successful there and can help you out, doesn't that still mean you're going uphill vs. the structure or your own means of play?If you ask this, and you can move your funds, why not take your money, vote with your rake dollars, and play at a friendlier structure to the game you tend to play?
  10. Yeah, but I was just trying to help the all-important confidence
  11. Remember, if you're offbeat and incredibly obnoxious once it gets down to 6, you'll become a celebrity and the dealers and WPT people will cheat to keep you making big-cash finishes and TV tables as a recurring character. Don't think of it as a final table, think of it as an audition.Good luck
  12. Good to hear.Now go win that 200k guaranteed when you finally can play, since all the qulifiers will be such donks like the ones you beat out already
  13. Don't forget that he's discussing odds on winning, not on even high cashes or TV tables and other things that have become very important with the poker boom.The explosion of dead money and proliferation of tournament poker have made it easier for the "Names" to go deep, and that fortune brings us the winners, but the top 20 and leaderboard averages out to more of a longrun. What we're basing our opinions of "name players" off of is longer than just one tournament, which is what Caro was talking about. As the # of tournaments increases, the cream can rise to the top, but even over 3,4,5 tourney
  14. Uh, what?Harrington's book is outdated (it came out at least 18 months after Hellmuth's, and Harrington has had more recent WSOP success) even though you haven't read it.It's ridiculous for it to be in volumes given its potential content that you haven't read?Is "Experience" why Hellmuth has 9 bracelets and his book will kill you at LHE and fails to deliver even vague concepts for big-bet formats where every paragraph says "it depends" but not what it depends on?Or, are you just trolling us? I can't see a better line of reasoning for your statements.
  15. Cloutier and Avril Lavigne CDs? BRILLIANT!You have to make him buddy list you then, too, to make the most of your advice. I'll take care of it for you:His name is Jack24Bauer on stars, he's a giant fish.
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