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who made the following play? omaha h/l final two

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Ok, here is the third installment of "Who Made the Following Play?" If you are interested in the results from the first two installments check out the Forum dedicated to, "Who Made the Play." Read about the Omaha H/L hand from the following blog: http://fullcontactpoker.com/poker-journal....rt_from=&ucat=& and then cast your vote for you think made the following play, and also who the play was made against for added fun. Ok, so no real surprise here, the play was either made by Phil Ivey or myselfIt was NOT:Chau Giang: Chau's Omaha H/L game is creative, unpredictable, and overall, extremely good. A play like this isn't one that he tends to use that I've seen, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't be capable.Eli Elezra: Eli is a very aggressive player and when he has the nuts he generally pounds it till the cows come home! It's just not really his style to slow play the turn in this situation with the nuts. He plays Omaha H/L well, but he is MUCH better at limit Omaha Hi. Jennifer Harman: I think Jennifer truly believed that Omaha H/L is her best game. The rest of the world tries to tell her that it's limit hold'em but she just won't listen! Omaha H/L is probably the game where Jennifer and I clash the most on strategy. We have very different outlooks on how the game should be played, and we are both so stubborn that we thing each of us are right! Jennifer plays the game deceptively and looks for situations that I sometimes don't see. An excellent feel player in every game. Johnny Chan: This is actually a play I could see Johnny making. He is a crafy player that thinks about poker from the perspective of a no limit hold'em player. He didn't make this play, but I was surprised that so few people thought it might be him. Abe Mosseri: I'm not sure if Abe would make a play like this, but I wouldn't put it past him. In fact, I'm not sure I have an accurate read on his approach to Omaha H/L just yet. From what I have seen, he likes to play legitmate hands, unless of course he is in the blind where he defends liberally in all the games. He approaches the blinds similar to his friend, fellow backgammon genius Gus Hansen. Ralph Perry: Only two of you voted for Ralph, and you are right, he would have probably just re-raised it on the turn. He doesn't play Omaha H/L very creatively, choosing to take a more conservative, straight forward approach.

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I'm guessing Ivey because I remember reading a hand analysis (about probability and why everyone uses math) by David Slansky in the twoplustwo online magazine edition and Ivey did a similar move holding the nuts (rather than re-raise the turn, but just calling and betting out on the river) against Jennifer Harman.

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