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  1. And re-evaluate your skills ... maybe you're not as good as you think you are playing at the current limit.
  2. How can I change my charter member account email? Or is this option not available?Thanks.
  3. I'm guessing Ivey because I remember reading a hand analysis (about probability and why everyone uses math) by David Slansky in the twoplustwo online magazine edition and Ivey did a similar move holding the nuts (rather than re-raise the turn, but just calling and betting out on the river) against Jennifer Harman.
  4. The only important lesson playing poker in the lower limits is patience. Once you kind of get that down, you're pretty safe to play at 2/4 with limited knowledge at poker [such as raise instead of calling, betting your draws, raising your draws]. This is assuming that you play according to the Sklansky chart. If you do not know who Sklansky is by now, find out.
  5. The main reason is you do not have the correct psychology make-up to play poker at a high level. In order to make a big score, your value for money has to be (almost) non-existent at the table. This doesn't mean that money shouldn't mean anything to you. It means that money shouldn't be the reason why you won't make a risky or correc poker decision.Most of us usually lessen our aggression once we win a buy-in or two because we are satisfied. Thus, we just want to leave before a bad beat hits us. The only recommendation is I can give you is set aside for the amount of money you can lose withou
  6. I had great satisfaction upon reading this. Yes, I am sick.
  7. I have great satisfaction in taking money away from young guns who call me "kid" or "kiddo."I also enjoy taking money away from those who bluff me and show me their cards.And lastly, the greatest satisfaction is taking money from a good player who have made a great read and won't fold to my bluff--it really fire me up and make me want my revenge!
  8. When you ask yourself if you have been playing too much poker.
  9. Well, at least he put himself in position to jopke at the final table.For the QJ, he wanted to win it right there. Being as aggressive as he is, he likes to press on draws.For the 9-2 hand, his opponent was supposed to fold with his 10s. But being the champion that he is, he made a great call.
  10. OK. My friend has 3 tournament wins (NL Hold'em) in the last 2 months playing only twice a week.If you want to talk stats, make sure to state what the buy-in is and the size of the field. I got top 3 in my first 5 sit-n-go but it was a joke. I would be more impressed if he is killing the cash game playing twice a week.
  11. The reason you need good cards to beat bad players because majority of the people out there will steam when they raise pre-flop with AK or AQ and bet on the flop and gets called. Then they noticed that the bad play made a weak call and continue betting on the later streets. However, since the player is bad, he/she will not give up their bottom pair.Actually, I want to write more but I just realized your friend sucks at poker.
  12. You played your hand horribly. Here are the few things you could have done to ensure yourself he has a 3.a. Bet on the flop.b. Bet on the turn (like 3/4th of the pot).c. Or even the river.If there is any raise along the way, you have to slow down and evaluate the situation. If you think he only calls with a set or better in this situation, then you can check/fold on the turn or the river if he bets.As for his betting, he is either on a total bluff or he indeed has a 3. His check on the flop might indicate that he has the 3. But he may have checked because he thought you might check-raise him w
  13. Here is a simple concept to play marginal hands: raise or fold. Calling just ask for trouble.The idea of folding liberally in small pot is good but that's playing with the mentality of "breaking even." You want to win every pot that you play, or at least that should be your goal. The only way you're going to get better is if you fight for your share of small pots. Moreover, playing with great starting hands do not usually win big if you are not at least decent post-flop and small pots is where you develop your reads. And you need to win enough small pots in case your AA or KK gets cracked, whi
  14. Uh, what are you talking about? Aggression and tightness can't be compared against each other because they are two separated entitites. Both players are tight but Doyle plays his draws way more aggressive.
  15. Let me guess. You're trying to crush the 1/2 limit game but the river keeps killing you.
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