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fcp insomniac army

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Welcome Comrades, to the Revolution!

woah, you mean I get to start posting without getting flamed for like 2 pages first like I did in the fcp army thread?nice, i like this already :-)
-Page 27 of the FCPIAT. (Full Contact Poker Insomniac Army Thread)
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I don't want to have to go to bed and then wake up and go to work. Waiting on people sucks!
I'm going to IHOP. Night.
Denny's sounds like the shit right now. Too bad I'd fall asleep behind the wheel.I hear being a server at both places sucks.
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finally, a thread just for Me~~  The should be the insomniac revolutionary army, and bring it to those capitialist pig dog FCP at work crew.
Here's how unafraid of you we are:I'll even help you out and post in your little thread, too. :wink:
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