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Help An Fcp Brother Out.

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Okay back story...

I was deployed to Iraq, supposed to stay there for about 3x as long as I did, when I was told I was going to have to come home early. Bummer right? Well the sad part is that cost me about $20k in my savings account that my wife my son and i were planning to use when I get out of the army pretty soon. Brings me to where I need help. I plan on making the money back playing online poker the only problem is I'm stuck in north Carolina. Are there any sites left for Americans that have decent guaranteed tournaments anymore? I'm on bovada acr and carbon already. I need to make about $40k in the next 5 months because I'm playing with a backer. Thanks guys.

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is it even possible to win 40k in tournaments in 5 months on a non pokerstars/full tilt site? Maybe if you are one of the best players on the internet


just go to a casino and run it up on the roulette wheel, easy game

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something about this doesn't add up to me.


I suspect the missing details would have belonged to the sentence, "...when I was told I was going to have to come home early." I'm not one to recklessly fire off crackpot guesses on things like this, but I'm assuming that the word "honorable" doesn't appear anywhere on that paperwork.

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