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Pokerstars NL 5/10 cash game 6 max

Vilain is in the CO is a Very agressevely regular.

UTG 123.5BB



Hero: 112BB

SB: 97BB


SB put 0.5BB, BB put 1BB

2 folds, VILLAIN Opens for 3BB, hero calls with KdQd



Villain checks, hero bet 6.5BB, VILLAIN calls



VILLAIN checks, hero bets 12.5BB, vallain calls



Villain checks, do you bet this river for value or check behind, if you bet, what would you do if he raise us?

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It appears to me that His first move would indicate a chase at best cuz mostly likely woulda raised preflop with pocket Js 10s or 6s if hes aggressive... So not much worry of a set from the beginning, and a river check would definitely rule out the set or even a two pair slow play, unless hes absolutely insane. I would guess that any bet on the river would fold him but one is still necessary so i would go a very small value bet like 1/3 with the idea he may reraise all in for a snap call. If its obvious that the player doesn't have the cards im scared of but acts like he wants to stay in the hand, i like to small value bet in hopes that they will bluff all in.

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