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As you may or may not know, Otto has a disability (Autism). He has cope with it very well and imo has made great strides in his development. We (my wife and I) went through alot during his primary s

At the beginning of all of these revelations, Ford's allies and councillors tried to sit down with him privately, and urge him to look out for himself, to get help, and to come back stronger than ever

Heavy Rescue Squad 331. Beaten up, soaked, and with bellies full of smoke. Best job in the world.  

I'm going to the jays game tonight I think.


Also, this is a thread for us cool torontonians except serge who is a pickeronian.


I guess it would be worth it to see the Yankees. The lineup the Jays have tonight is pathetic.

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You're as close to Toronto as Dale is.


I actually live walking distance from the city of Toronto boundary with pickering

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I have actually seen the Yankees before in Minnesota. Had a (pre-disgrace) A-Rod BP home run ball in my glove til I got shoved out of the way by some old idiot. I was a kid.


That was probably my only MLB game ever.

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At the very least you can boo ARoid tonight.


The game I went to in NY a couple weeks ago was his first game back this year at home. I videotaped the announcing of the lineups, and all of his at bats. It was 50/50 boo/cheer at the starting lineup, and after he struck out 3 times it got even worse. It was awesome.

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I am guessing Doritos tacos (which I find gross) or that breakfast thing. Yes I hit taco bell whenever I go to the States especially the one on 59 in Utica, MI. next to the Target.

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They had some smothered burrito or something when I was in the states a few weeks ago. I don't even know if that's here yet but it sounds delicious.

We always get the taco box (all soft), a couple of beef burritos and a nachos belgrande. Now I am hungry.
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I'm a cheesy gordita crunch guy, with fries supreme, then, since I'm a fatty, I add a couple things from the dollar menu. Then I die for a few hours.


If the, ahem, big secret announcement food taste as good as the made for TV prototypes I ate a couple weeks ago, then it could easily be my new go-to.

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