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I Run Like Daniel Negreanu

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don't think it's any coincidence that tehtoe post on the previous page is soon followed by an akashenk post.



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I'm not so sure I agree with the consensus that you had a great read. When the 2nd and 3rd caller come in you have to start opening up their ranges to more than just "2 high cards." Suited connectors, middle pairs, Ax suited... A lot of buttons will even call here with random suited garbage.


After you lead out into 4 players on the flop and the button calls, you have to adjust your read. What do you think he thinks you have? How does his range narrow based on the call? To me, his call smells like a weak 8 or a draw (which possibly has your hand dominated).


After the board pairs on the turn and he raises, how are you still thinking "2 high cards trying to steal with air?" Very few players are ever taking a shot in a spot like this. I think you acutally made a bad read and lucked into the bottom of a wild players range, only to get unlucky when he hit.

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This isnt the worst hand ever or the worst beat as I don't really like telling bad beat stories, but more of a horrible player story and me really just typing the hand out and racking my brain trying to figure out how I lost the hand:


It's a tournament, we're in the early levels. Starting stacks were 15K, blind levels are 30 minute levels. I have been playing well, built my stack up to 53K so far due to actually flopping a straight and getting 2 players' stacks earlier on. We're at 75-150 level now and I am in the small blind. Second 2 act raises to 300, 5th position calls, cutoff calls, button calls, at this point it comes around to me and I decide that with all the money out there I am going to call and see a flop with 4-5 of clubs, assuming BB would call too (which he did).

Thanks for the justification for an easy call preflop


The flop couldn't have come any better for my hand: 8clubs, 7clubs, 5spades. I have a gutshot straight flush, straight draw, and bottom pair which I really felt was good here (put everybody on high cards).

What? Pretty ****ing ridiculous to put FIVE other people on high cards based off of a minraise and calls preflop with NOTHING to indicate anything postflop. That's just an AWFUL line of thinking. Just awful. No.


With 1800 in the pot, I decide to lead out and I went with 1200, figuring if anybody had something good they were either going to raise or get out now.

Unless they think you are a spazztard and they want you to keep betting. Or...you know...if they have a draw that crushes yours.


BB mucked, original raiser mucked, 5th position mucked, cutoff mucked, and button called. When he called, I really put him on Ace high because of the draw heavy board,

Wait...what? You put him on what? AJ? A9? just ace high? You're insane. His call can't be QJ of clubs? It can't be 98? It can't be 76? CMON MAN.


if he had a pair higher he'd probably raise to see where he was at.

Ahhh...the old 'raise to see where I'm at'...well played!


The turn paired the board with the 8diamonds. I led out this time into the pot of 4200 with a bet of 3800. He then raised to 14k. I went with my original read and put him on high cards trying to buy the pot, maybe putting me on a draw. I instantly shoved all-in as I felt calling was a bad play, and if he was on high cards I didn't want to call and have a Q hit the river. He called off the rest of his stack (about another 16k) with Aspades, 6hearts for nothing by A high and a gutshot that more than likely with that board texture is either chopping at best or losing.

How do you think he has a gutshot? Learn terminology, son!



And of course, the river peeled off the Ace of Diamonds. I just chuckled at the hand and he said some smartass comment about how he knew Ace high was good, and that I wasn't convincing enough throughout the hand. I politely let him know that I wasn't mad, that if he wanted to continue to call off his stacks on horrible reads and go in way behind for his tournament life that I'd love to have him at my table. I am just confused as to how I lost this hand ... and as to how he thinks he made a good call. Because he literally said when he made that the call and he saw the cards that it was a good call.


4clubs, 5 clubs vs Aspades, 6hearts on a 8clubs, 7clubs, 5spades, 8diamonds board ... I've got to at least be 85% to win this hand. He's got 5 outs unless I am over looking something (2 aces, 3 sevens). Any thoughts?


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