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  1. I'm not so sure I agree with the consensus that you had a great read. When the 2nd and 3rd caller come in you have to start opening up their ranges to more than just "2 high cards." Suited connectors, middle pairs, Ax suited... A lot of buttons will even call here with random suited garbage. After you lead out into 4 players on the flop and the button calls, you have to adjust your read. What do you think he thinks you have? How does his range narrow based on the call? To me, his call smells like a weak 8 or a draw (which possibly has your hand dominated). After the board pairs on the
  2. I just ignore players when they "check dark". It's meaningless, and I'm pretty sure most players just do this because they like to hear themselves talk. It's standard for blind defenders to check to the raiser, so what does it change? The best thing to do is just ignore the statment and play the hand as you normally would have.
  3. It sounds like, based on your read, you were putting him on exactly the type of hand that's going to call/4-bet-shove on the flop, and then often be crushed by your bigger draw. Is there a reason why you didn't raise the flop and look for that situation? I ask that without breaking down the ranges, with the intent to instead figure out what your thought process was on the hand. Based on your assessment, isn't the best action to get more chips in the pot?
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