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  1. I find myself in this predicament a lot I will raise and get 2 to 3 callers and have something like AQs and the flop will come K73 now in early position I will assume check and in late position if check to c-bet now what if you are sandwiched in the middle? I guess my question is how often should we c-bet in multiway pots and is there more things to think about other than player pacific.
  2. Yes it was typo so I fixed it. I just asked a few people at the casino that I converse with on occasion and they all said it was a obvious jam but that was after I told them how it went down but I really didn't think me flat call there was that bad and if it holds up my EV goes way up
  3. I can't believe it I busted with 99 errrrrr!!!! again ok here is the scenario which is different at least tell me what you all think thanks! Blinds 1600/800/200 ante (I am in BB) 10 handed Stacks hero (50,000) Utg+3 villain (140,000 to150,000) chip leader at table utg+4 villain (120,000)second chip leader at table Button villain (12,000) short stack at table These are the positions involved in the hand. My table broke so I just got moved to my new table and have no reads and this is the second hand dealt at my new table. Utg+3 raises to 3600 utg+4 flats and button flats wh
  4. My plan is to make notes of hands that I may have played bad during live tournaments that I will be playing and post on this forum for opinions and advice so my question is should I stick to this one thread with those questions or is it better to make additional threads I am pretty sure the obvious answer is to stick with this thread but just wanted to make sure. Fargo thanks for your advice, I do value it and glad I finally have someone to talk poker with so thanks again and peace out!!!
  5. So basically it was just bad luck here kinda a cooler but I like the point you made about positional raise sizes that makes total sense and made me aware of another thing that I need to be aware of thanks for the help!
  6. So I really need to start sizing my raises better it seems to be a big leak I have but it's just in these daily tournaments that the min raise or 2.2x thru 2.5x seems to get called by at least 2 players but very common to see 3-4 callers and unless you flop gin your maneuverability diminishes significantly and I find myself just giving up and the play is like this up to level 600/300 after this the 2.5x raise seems to do the job for heads up play. Now on the flop you said once they check to you, jamming won't be terrible but I am in the small blind so this won't work as am first to act.
  7. Live tournament daily MTT in LA Blinds 400/200/50 ante increase every 20mins my stack 10,000 in SB 10 handed There are 2 limpers utg + 3 =(Very loose and spiking rivers like crazy) and cutoff (solid player TAG) gets to me look down at pocket 99 I raise to 2400 utg+3 calls and cutoff follows behind. Now my plan here is it's a favorable flop I jam now if it has more than 1 over or super coordinated check and see what happens behind so the flop comes TT3 rainbow so I jam loose player calls and cutoff folds and reveals KTo and I am out the door!!! In retrospect the only other way I c
  8. Blinds are 2000/1000 500 ante 20min rounds I am in HJ+1 9 handed it folds around to me and I raise 5500 get called only by BB I have 45,000 and BB has me covered just by a couple thousand. Board Kh 8h 3d 7h 9s Flop - BB checked in the dark I checked (check dark frooze me) Turn - BB leads out for 7,000 I call River - check check showdown BB = Q9 rivers 9 to scope pot I am pretty sure I played this hand bad just looking for some insight for the best line to take. This player was the type to defend his BB and it messed with his ego when you raise him very emotional player he
  9. Thanks a lot Fargo they run this tourney at the BIKE in CA they call it the Quantum Reload and structure is definitely unique but it is their most popular tourney and gets 200+ plus people on fri-sun.
  10. Been playing a lot of daily MTT at local brick and mortar casino and looking for some good strategy advice for middle tournament play blinds are usually 1200/600 to 1600/800 blinds increase every 20mins starting stack is 10,000 chips average stack is usually 18 to 20 bigs. I am having a lot of trouble in the middle game I usually have a good stack going into this part but blinds go up so quick that I find blinds and antes making me go short due to 1. Make one play at a pot and get caught like 3betting get flatted then c-bet only to get shoved on. 2. Going card dead for an 30 to 60min
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