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HOW TO WIN THE LOTTERY   Dedicated to Marchant (CobaltBlue) and Gary (GWCGWC)   The first step is to understand that "random" is just a word. No series of numbers is beyond a some sort of predict

This game is called "Diamonds" and I'm dedicating it to MinhLyFan.   I will explain the game as though it were being played HU.   Players post BB and SB. Each player is dealt 3 cards. The player

Trading currencies, huh? How's that working out for you? Know much about bitcoins?   For what it's worth:   MinhLyFan Last Active Aug 08 2009 08:45 PM

That probably can't be right.


What feels right is betting ( 2 , x , x , 2-10 ) and ( 3 , x , x , 7-10 ) and ( 7-10 , x , x , 1-10 ) when OOP.


And betting ( 3 , x , x , 1-7 ) and ( 6 , x , x , 8-10 ) and ( 7-10 , x , x , 1-10 ) when IP.


Thoughts? Aside from the one that we're embarrassingly terrible still.

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In that same scenario it feels right to C/C with ( 6 , x , x , 1-10) and ( 5 , x , x , 9-10) when OOP.


And to check with all other not named above hands when IP.


And to C/F all other not above named hands when OOP.

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Tonight's post is with love for "David_Sklansky" and "FCP_Bob":


NOW!_4_card_Ladz (ie MinhLyFan): You have 1000 in chips. I have 1000 in chips. My big blind is 3 and your small blind is 2. Your hand is ( 7 , 5 , 7 , 5 ).


Which in case you've forgotten, and I hope you haven't, means ( 7 (hand strength) , 5 color ness , 7 straight ness , and five ( blockage )) . Straights are beat by flushes. Both beat two pair. Royal Flush is the boss.


I figured out a way to play myself, but I'd rather play you.


Well philosopher, philosophy how numbers relate to philosophy. It's played NL. 2 streets. The first two are dealt face down. One is dealt face up. One is dealt face down. Folding is clearly not the correct play with your hand. And it's your turn:

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See how much it sucks to have such a piece of shit garbage engine in this Ferrari?


I figured we probably both have 8s as our upcard. But who can say on a scale of 1-10?


It gives me goosebumps imagining that we might have nitrous engulfing, twin turbocharged V12s before too long.

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Two brothers simultaneously shot each other in the back. Afterwards they were given the opportunity to read the verse the other had spent his whole life studying. The first learns that he was wrong and believes the other verse is better. But when he reads his again he realizes that the two are working together. When the second sees that his brother is still reading the first he still believes that he has nothing to learn and so he continues to study the same one he'd been studying.


It was because neither stepped back far enough to realize they were the same notes that they shot each other in the back in the first place.

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raise it. 6. I think there's a lot of value vs your avg hand in this spot and is going to play well in meta. but i think this game will play somewhere between lh and nlh in terms of complexity and playability so more showdowns and less bb pots in general.

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So were going to use other games to even have the slightest clue with Diamonds.


The first of course is Ladz.


I've been thinking of other games that will help us to conquer principles. I came up with the last one tonight.


NL 5 card triple draw high only. I call it "Stripes." This will be the last one before the behemoth. Ladz is a phenomenal game. All the other games are great too but probably not as quite as good as Ladz. AND THEN we get to the draw! and that game is as good as they come.


Well, almost...

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I know this isn't my blog. But it's my only forum I have in my life to share this publicly.


I read the Yahoo! news and one day it said that Andy Beal was offering a million dollar prize for the solution to his conjecture. It took me about 10 minutes to solve it conceptually. I spent the first four hours or so a little sidetracked, trying in vain to determine the formula for prime numbers. My brain was going a reasonable speed but faster than it had gone for a while. I took a bath and realized I'd had it backwards (more on this later). So I was on the right track again and in took me about 8 hours in total. It happened to be the birthday of a girl whose sister I liked so I dedicated it to her and gave her the first copy.


A parable: A king hears that a nobleman in another land is offering a great reward for a peanut. The king packs all his supplies and travels through the desert. When he arrives he is treated with disdain and turned away. When the king kindly leaves his peanut and begins his trek bath through the desert, marauders come to make sure that he is far away. The king arrives home on his last drops of the water he borrowed from his mom. He begrudges nothing.


Two weeks go by and mums the word. I miss a call from a man (let's call him "Eugene"). Back to prime numbers. I knew that my solution was the front door and at the back door would be the solution to prime numbers. I reverse look-up Eugene's number and write him an email explaining that I'd prefer if Andy was the one who worked on Prime Numbers. His conjecture really is something. As such, even though I didn't think an explanation was necessary to my solution to the Beal Conjecture, if they wanted me to explain it I would have to work on prime numbers myself.


Eugene called the next morning and said that my solution was not correct. I asked if he'd received my email and he said he hadn't but he'd go through his spam folder. Most of Eugene's efforts were placed in telling me that the correct channels for this matter is to go through the AMS (AMS Mathematical Society). They are the ones responsible for publication and they hold the money in escrow. I said that such a thing belongs to Andy and it is up to him whether it is published.


Eugene and I agreed that I could write an explanation but that it would not be accepted. I wrote an email giving my best explanation at the time and called Eugene again who again said I was wrong (admitting that he hadn't read the email). I mentioned in that email that even if I was first to Prime Numbers then Andy could still have: a^w + b^x + c^y = d^z.


I picked the lowest piece of some of the juiciest mathematical fruit. I sent Eugene a copy to pass to Andy Beal because his conjecture really is something!


Now a slight twist. I was swapped 10% of myself with my best friend. He's entitled to 100K. I'm thinking yeah 900K is good for me but I HAVE to get him his 100K. Because I know that if the roles were reversed he'd try just as hard as me if not more so.


I write another explanation, put love for my friend in it, and pass it along to Eugene. Mums the word. I begrudge nothing.


Now I feel like a punk. Andy has 10ms, I got 10ms, he solves my 1m math prize if I disagree we're gonna talk about it. He has my address.


I want to digress here. The prize offered was a million dollars for publication in a journal or something like that. Let me say this: There's people in the world who want to be know as mathematicians and there's people in the world who wanna do math. Both are fine with me. I fall in to the later category. In fact my mathematics manifesto is "**** everything that's come before you unless you can use it, shut the **** up, and do math." And now writing this, the idea of subjecting for approval a beautiful truth to someone who would rather spend time as a mathematician makes me giggle aloud.


And I'm the one being made to be the punk. I can't have that. If I think about some of the stuff I considered holding from the world as leverage it makes me very sad. And now I got a problem with Eugene. Why should it be his fault that his job is to ward off crazies? Because he CHOOSE it to be. And he choose to tell me I was wrong. I gave him my final best attempt at an explanation I could give without completely breaking his brain and told him that I was swapped and that he would redeem himself by making right on that.


(I hope the explanations I gave do not survive. They are meant to open a closed mind and could potentially close an open mind in some way.)


I told JIM CHAMBLESS that ANDY BEAL swindled me and I vowed that Andy would never again make a mathematical move that I will not make small. Here's my latest checkmate:





The Beal Conjecture is nothing.


By the way, the solution to the Beal Conjecture is probably about a tenth the problem that I'm calling "The Diamonds 4th street Dilemma." Trust.


I begrudge nothing. But I'm the world's best mathematician. And THAT is my FIRST FLIP!

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Intuitively, they both feel like folds to me. Neither is going to play great in the given situation, at least the way I see. In the first, I would really like a hand that has either better blockage, or better color. Because the hand isn't strong, I'd like more oppurtunities to win, and I just don't think that's going to happen often enough to call such a big bet and play a pot for tons. maybe though. The second is kind of the same Idea. I supposed flatting is ok, if my opponent is raising a lot of buttons and has certain post flop tendencies or weaknesses. But it would be exploitive to do anything after the flop, for me.



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Oh this is gonna be one of those rambling ones.


Lets start with the important part: I wish there was more time but we gotta keep moving. In the number 3.14... Sometimes known as pi would you expect in 3 successive digits that they go base, up, up and base, up, down at the same ratio?


(Rhetorical for the time being)



Another important part: in the posts where I discussed an algebraic circle and a diverging line, there's something about them as they relate to a cone that is quite special. There's this weird superiority they have over what I was taught in geometry but I can't quite relate it yet. I want to hold my place on that.



Over the last year or so my mom and I had been discussing at length the cure for cancer. At breakfast I explained troll physics to my parents and showed them the post. Later I told my mom I was glad that I didn't have to work on cancer any more. (Prolly caused by the element sulfur in meat, and cured with juices and curcumin. I researched but did 0 discovery.) she said it's okay you'll still do something important. I nearly screamed at her that I gave away free energy like it was nothing.


Imagine the rear hub of a 10 speed bike. Now imagine it's double sided with 5 matching gear sizes. It has two chains, one to a hub ahead and one to a hub behind. When the chain from the hub ahead is to a smaller gear than the one to the hub behind then you realize gains. Leverage. Give me enough gears and I will speed up the world.



We had the same hand in both positions. Show me something.

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