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Not clutch.

Glad you won! I'll probably be scalin back the volume for the playoffs, since I never feel too confident on short slates, but we'll see how I feel about my lineup once the weekend rolls around.   Af

At the Pens practice facility and Rick Tochett ends up standing next to me. It took every ounce of self control to not engage him in a conversation about the Rick Tochett Experience.

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Where do you see the spreads on Yahoo, I just see the games?


Sorry meant to say I put it down as with spread. I only see games too. Not sure what is wrong.


Are we sure that we can only pick 5 games on Yahoo? I'm worried if you make a pick early, you won't be able to not pick that game later in the week.


We can only pick 5 games. Don't go over or I will have to go in and delete games that were picked.

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I am in my hot office (air con is broken).


A client comes in to ask a few questions. We are talking and I said I am just doing some bookkeeping. He said no you are not, you are doing your fantasy draft. He then points to my sheets (my draft is tonight at 7)

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So far we only have 5 fine degens sign up for the mini SuperContest winner take all.


I am fine with 5 only and I can't change the spread changes so we have to take whatever Yahoo posts. Also please only post 5 games or it will get messy.


Just a fyi, you guys don't stand a chance. I will win this by week 10.


Okay the truth is I suck weekly but hey you never know.


My rankings of where we will be at the end of the year:







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Highly unlikely.


Do I have to get picks in before Thursday game?


True because I can't remember the last time I went 5-0. Might be 10 years ago when I knew absolutely nothing about football. However I still know nothing so nothing has changed.


Picks must be in by Sunday at 1 pm. Unless you are taking the Thursday game than you can take that game and I believe wait for Sunday at 1 pm to complete it.


Remember don't go over the 5 games everyone.

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The odds of going 5-0 are about 1:32, so you should be doing it every other year. If there are 6 of you in the pool, the most likely outcome is that at some point, there are 3 5-0 weeks. Except you guys suck, so most likely Biatch goes 5-0 about 6 times and the rest of you don't do it once.

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If you go over 5 games (you shouldn't), but if you do, I think you should post here before 1pm what 5 games you want. If you don't post, you get the worst 5 games. We should decide this now bc I know it will happen.


I believe I can change picks. However if you do go over 5 you will get the 5 worst picks



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