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54 minutes ago, SuperJon said:


The 2nd season is basically an Annie Wilkes origin story.  The actress that plays her was amazing.  

Then I for sure will watch it soon

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say that to LLY 's face like a real man

Oh my ****ing GOD! http://deadline.com/2015/04/bob-odenkirk-david-cross-sketch-comedy-series-netflix-1201403256/   Bob is not only in the best Drama on tv, but he's going to be in the best comedy t

You misspelled insipid.

17 hours ago, hank213 said:

I am cautiously optimistic about the new Dune movie. 

Me too. Villeneuve is a good director and I like the look of the cast.

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8 hours ago, SuperJon said:


After a lackluster season 2, they've done a really good job with Season 3 so far.  Only a few episodes left.

Aaron Paul is a fantastic actor.

I'm glad to hear that. I watched Season 1 when it first came out but haven't watched beyond that and my plan is to watch all 3 seasons in a few weeks as part of my Covid lock down marathon

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I tried starting s03 ep01 like 3 different times and each time I just couldn't bring myself to invest so I bailed on the show.

I have been binging Community on Netflix. I had forgotten how much I liked that show and some of the reasons why.


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