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Play The Cards With Spades To Start

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I don't mind what you're trying to do here, since it will have a better chance of bloating this pot beyond anyone folding anything...The problem I have is, you seem to feel like you are trying to get something worse like a FD or a weaker ace come over the top of you, and I just don't see that happening with your bet size. Even retards can see once somebody has put half of his chips in, he's not folding on this flop.Maybe scale your bet size down a little to something redonkulous like $150? I dunno, I just feel like check-raising has the same effectiveness here, and I just can't see the flop getting checked through. I'm sure nobody will mind or notice you failed to C-bet in a 7 way pot. Also, hey, you might see a shove and 3 callers, which could accidentally save you chips.

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The only problem with your line is if you intend to check/fold a scare card on the turn.I think this lines makes it possible for us to make a huge mistake on the turn (if we fold) since he probably shoves his entire range if we check the turn (including Ax hands).I like the bet if we intend to shove turn or check/shove a scary turn. I'd probably still just shove the flop though. The hands that you are hoping he spazzes with are probably calling a flop shove anyway, so no need to get tricky.

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