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Well it took me 3 years and 2 months to get to 1000, I guess I'm a micro-grinder in the forum as well as on the felt.I'm giving out 5 stakes to a Stars 4.40, I'll name the tourney ID after stakes are out. Standard 50/50 + NSB deal. To get your stake just give your best guess why it took me so long to get to 1000. Post stars name & city.Barragers welcome to join in! EDIT: $10 bounty on me!!!Horses: TID# 121251544chrispycreamtoshfcpmadkennedyflamin'aces8BBsRJReich

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because you hunt and peck instead of typing regularly? chrispycream (Davis) or (San Jose)
I type fast but I screw up a lot
i would be happy to run one alsotoshfcp (surrey)it took you so long because you not into buttsecks, err work alot??
been married 8 years, I pretty much gave up the dream 5 years ago, lol. Oh and yes I have a real job!shipped to both of you!
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