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I Feel Really Bad For Scotty Nguyen

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LOL. Poker is so different from a ranking standpoint than any other televised sport.It's a lot like the PGA tour. Just because one pro golfer won the Masters, does that make him the best? Or does the winner of the Fed Ex cup become the best?It's the same way in poker. Carlos M. won the WPT Championship. Does that make him the best player on the WPT? No.What it does is legitimize your place in poker history with every big win you achieve.It's not like Football, Baseball, Basketball etc, where you win the Super Bowl and are the best team that year. It's a shit ton more complicated.-But you already knew that i'm sure.
Not the best analogy I'm thinking. Putting aside the fact that other sports, golf included, don't deal with the "luck" factor of poker, you ever hear of Tiger Woods? He doesn't win EVERY time he enters a tournament but is there any question, even among the other pro's, that he's the best? NOCan't say that about poker. They all think they're the best. :club:
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IMO, Scotty's ego got in the way a bit. There's no doubt that watching it on TV and being there are two very different things...and who knows how any of us would have played it. BUT....Scotty could have cruised. And he just blew those chips off. And every time Scotty won a pot, he'd start posturing and boasting...definitely playing up to the cameras. My guess is that being one of the last 'name' pros, you have some pressure to perform and outplay the 'amateurs'. That caused him to kind of implode.
I thought the same thing watching it,it seemed like he thought he was the best player at the table and he could just outplay the "lesser" players and they didnt have a chance and would back down easy.Turned out he was wrong making that assumption.Never underestimate your opponent(s)
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IMHO, winning the Super Bowl doesn't make you the best team either. It's a little more black and white, yes, but I still think a lot of "best teams" were ousted in the past, and not as great of teams rose up to the occasion. It all comes down to bucks.
Especially concerning the NBA Finals, the winner is often the team who stays the "healthiest" (and on Donoughy's side of the line, of course).
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No.He was seen drinking bottled water the whole time.

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