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  1. I thought the same thing watching it,it seemed like he thought he was the best player at the table and he could just outplay the "lesser" players and they didnt have a chance and would back down easy.Turned out he was wrong making that assumption.Never underestimate your opponent(s)
  2. Im sitting here right now watching the episode I recorded,and I am yelling at the TV "WHY SCOTTY WHY?????" Just absolutely puzzled with some of these plays he tried to make when he could have cruised to the FT.
  3. I love this guy who is giving Gold a taste of his own medicine,f ing hilarious.
  4. Or the guy who has the bot set up saw this thread and decided to "cut back" a little bit to not make it seem so obvious.
  5. That was a Matesowian-type blow up if I have ever seen one.
  6. Nooo!!!!!!Featured Table: Tuan Lam Wins a 11.46 Million Pot Against Scotty NguyenLee Childs has the button in seat 9, Tuan Lam raises from the small blind to 480,000, Scotty Nguyen reraises from the big blind to 1.48 million, and Lam thinks for about a minute before he calls. There is already 3.06 million in the pot. The flop comes {Kh}{5s}{4h}, Lam checks, Nguyen bets 700,000, and Lam calls. There is now 4.46 million in the pot. The turn card pairs the board with the {Kd}, and both players check. The river card is the {Jd}, Lam bets 1 million, Nguyen raises to 3.5 million, and Lam goes into t
  7. Still cant figure out how he went from 17.8 million down to 15.5,when the only hand mentioned wasa 500k loss he took when a raise all in came in over the top and he folded.
  8. We were all on top of that one ba-by!
  9. Scotty up to 15.5 and 3rd baby!!!!1 minute ago | Posted by BJNemeth Ray Henson (left) was eliminated in 12th place by Scotty Nguyen (right)Featured Table: Ray Henson Eliminated in 12th Place ($476,926)Tuan Lam has the button in seat 1, Ray Henson limps from the small blind for 160,000, Scotty Nguyen from the big blind to 500,000, Henson reraises to 1,175,000, and Nguyen calls. The flop comes , Henson checks, Nguyen bets 700,000, Henson moves all in, and Nguyen quickly calls with for two pair, kings and sixes. Henson shows for two pair, nines and sixes. The two players are nearly equal in chi
  10. I have been following the chip counts at WSOP.com,same thing as pokernews is providing the updates.
  11. Scotty at 7.4 baby,in 6th place moving up steadily....
  12. Can I get a freakin chip count please!!! Scotty should be up to about 8 million,but who knows when we will find out for sure.
  13. These pokernews reporters must be smoking some good stuff during the break,they have Kalmer "taking the chip lead at 17.5 million" in the text,but the chip count says he has 1.759 million and is in last place.I know they said the chip counts run behind but that isnt right no matter what planet they are living on.
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