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  1. Has it been stated yet if/what the people that did the surveys about the training site and the old school fcpers are going to get as a special offer? I remember the website stating something about it.
  2. ahhh..found the site front page...looks pretty good.
  3. Hmmm..I just went to the site and it was live....then I went back and it was down again.
  4. I rly like the idea of such a big add-on. I'll def check one out if they run them more. Maybe a 10r or 20r with a big add-on. Would really do alot for the prize pool.
  5. Bellagio bloody mary's are unbeatable for $12. Strongly suggested for the morning after.
  6. Somebody remind me to never play another one of these again. Got up to 7.5k fast, ran 88 into KK, then TT into Q9.
  7. Yo silky hit me up on aim. I know I have yours but cant remember who you are.
  8. Missed the 163 but in both ftops. gla
  9. lolz..gl anyone still in Full Tilt Poker Game #6387953406: FTOPS Event #10 (44840204), Table 95 - 60/120 - Pot Limit Omaha H/L - 15:22:53 ET - 2008/05/12Seat 1: frank007silva (5,027)Seat 2: Pokergott123 (4,918)Seat 4: BodySlamm (9,010)Seat 5: gabi2706 (2,760)Seat 6: DallasRounder (2,790)Seat 7: horst1990 (3,795)Seat 8: Full I B (4,430)Seat 9: whothedonk (6,437)Pokergott123 posts the small blind of 60BodySlamm posts the big blind of 120The button is in seat #1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to DallasRounder [Ad Ac 2c Kd]gabi2706 calls 120DallasRounder has 15 seconds left to actDallasRounder raises to 4
  10. Must be able to digest 20+ shots within a short period of time followed by trips to the rhino until daylight.
  11. I can understand this, but your stack, and stage of the tournament certainly doesn't dictate calling off with the worst of it, leaving yourself with 19bbs at such a crucial stage when you need every chip in your stack for opening pots, resteals, and to maintain a workable stack should an unfortunate event occur. Had we been at a point where we would have 30-40bbs (if we lose) I would probably be a pretty big fan of it for multiple reasons. +2 BB EV ?What does 2BBs do for us at this stage compared to having 19 or 28bbs ? We know our stack is a huge advantage to winning pots without showdown an
  12. Tell them you will be there as quick as you can and finish up. Kids are never really as sick as they say they are.
  13. Just watched some of the videos. Am I missing something or does the chip lead at the start of the final table have 600,000 @ 50,000/100,000 ?
  14. lol @ everyone repping their own city as being the best.I would have to say the Dallas area is not for you if you're under 21, but that might just be from all of my friends being 21 when I was 19.
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