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  1. I have been working for a vending company in the Saint Louis area, for as long as i have been a member on fcp. Starting out with no experience, and thinking 3 months in that i wasnt cut out for this. my boss stuck with me, and said that a light bulb will go off. He said that some ppl just dont get that light bulb to turn on.My light bulb went off, it took nine months to get there but my trouble shooting skills developed and i was able to be of value to my company. Now I am starting to train on the sales side of things. And I have some thoughts as to my approach to this new position. One of the
  2. i fully expected to be reading - Daniel Negreanu out day 1
  3. I have not posted any comments concerning the united states shutting down my poker... i am bummed about it for sure (not as bad as Diamond) but it just seemed like i fased it out of my daily schedule. the play money games kept me going for about the first 30 days, then i was playing $10,500 /mtt's about once a week , now, i get on about once a month.... it was the money, the gamble for me , i will probably never be better than the avg fish, i usually place in the money at my once a month 20 man tourneybut was depositing about 100 a month , sometime posting up 250 over a short period of time
  4. glad to see a new one come up, thanks to you guys posting the link to these.... I always just kind of forget about the micros until i see it linked here,would of kinda liked to see a slight reference to 4th of July ... was wondering what kind of editing software they are using to get this finished product.is this some simple Pinnacle software for 90 dollars are or they into several thousand to get the end result?anyway , good segment. saint louis poker is dead , the blinds are too high
  5. I am a rookie when it comes to firearms and need some input on co-worker trying to sell me a shotgun / 12gauge.I explained what I have been wanting, strictly home protection, not trying to shoot a guy at 3am then next morning be able to take same gun out and go duck hunting..... he said the 870 Remington or the Mossberg 500. He went to a gun show and said that he found the 870 for $325 (new) but wanted to hang on to it so he would bring me his used Moss 500 in for me to look at.This gun is in pretty good condition and has extra barrel (28" & 24") all for $250. I am not sure if this is a d
  6. okay , i am in .... but i need to know where to show up so i am not late , hit me up with the location @pinksausages see you there
  7. I dont want to get to 10k post, im thinking that when i hit my 500th post i will be donewhat you think boss , or should i go ahead and shut it down at 4
  8. can a Visa money card ( all access gift card ) be used as an acceptable form for deposit , was going to ask support but was 54th in line and 30 minutes later ....
  9. handing out 5 stakes to the fcpbob homegame tournament 38774685050/50 nsb , good look
  10. if your son was 'cool with it' , you could of stopped off in Columbia and hit up some strip clubs with sub/par strippers.... one of the girls can smoke cigars with her pee pee ... but , you missed out , ahhhh good times
  11. i guess i will apply for a stake ... not much else going on tonight nice looking out for the american players boss , suck it if you are not american , you get no stakes....
  12. not sure who that is , i got billmania at my table , juicy.PokerStars Game #59902706683: Tournament #413010003, $10+$1 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2011/03/27 14:36:14 CT [2011/03/27 15:36:14 ET]Table '413010003 7190' 9-max Seat #7 is the buttonSeat 1: kthnxbi (2870 in chips) Seat 2: Vittore Rox (2990 in chips) Seat 3: lollygag'r (2890 in chips) Seat 4: cheezees (3340 in chips) Seat 5: brechstange9 (2457 in chips) Seat 6: Leonard0777 (2900 in chips) Seat 7: billmania (2870 in chips) Seat 8: Enikchiwoki (3090 in chips) Seat 9: KIARAWYNONA (3593 in chips) Enikchiwoki: posts small
  13. damn you b0b...... that got me all scared and thinking i wouldnt get to play , cause it would be at 149,780 and going quick .... i hurry up and load ps lobby and find my tourney and what the hell , 43,200. way to get me going first thing in the morning .. i am registered and ready to do this ... thanks for the stake b@bedit , i am not canadian and have never been canadian
  14. I just moved into my new 3 bedroom country home with two baths and partial finished basement. I did all this last Sunday so was unable to watch the Daniel vs Victor give away. I will be sitting around all day doing whatever i want I have more time than money BoB. I have ran terrible for you in the past , to the point of being embarrassed and the only difference between that poor performance and playing for you now I have no time constraints. lollygag'r - united states
  15. i hate when post get 'fixed' you are not being singled out , but this one just sent me over the edge . arent we all spammers, in various ways that are acceptable to BOB and therefore slide thru as valid post
  16. QUOTE (K_dense @ Saturday, March 12th, 2011, 6:24 AM) .... he is going to get his ass handed to him
  17. .... he is going to get his ass handed to him
  18. i vote this to be the real thread as well , the poser thread did 'mis-speak' when saying it was a 5th place finish(o)OP , get your shit / facts right and you too can have a real thread.....
  19. if i win the slippers, they should by rights go to twstd but you decide ....
  20. if I get into the top 35 to win one of those women prizes , i will be giving rose first dibs , then diamond ... if you want it
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