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  1. This is soo obviously AA, I would fold this hand face up while laughing in his face after he drags the pot, maybe muttering, "soul read" a couple of times just to rub it in.
  2. Dont tell them you had pocket kings in such a loose game as well, makes you look too tight.
  3. The min raise to me looks like AQ to find out where he is at. I Wouldn't think its a set, especially QQ. My line would be to call, then re-evaluate on the turn?
  4. Too small sample size to give any real opinion but just remember it is 1/2 and most people are playing for fun, you might be playing too tight especially in late position. Unless the table is full of maniancs I usually open my starting hand requirements as I feel I can outplay most of the players postflop.
  5. Just deposit on a real site and play for real money
  6. I turn 21 the day after you. I take all forms of credit card, cash, and cheques.
  7. Well done Tehtoe!! First one of my stakes that paid off.. next time im offering your first on the list.. thanks again
  8. I dont play poker well.. take this down horsies
  9. 50/50 no stake back as well
  10. Thouight u guys in the one before that so registered ther.. also in yours..i run like god so hopefully you will too..
  11. stared now.. gogogogogogoog
  12. I run like god.. but unfortunaltly have blown through over 150 t$ tonight..
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