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  1. Hello All, I've posted another one of my "Sid On Poker" videos. Last time I got some good feedback and I'd like to here what all my Fill Contact friends think of this one.Thanks allwww.willinois.com
  2. Sid is back and offer some valuable poker advice. Let me know what you think.www.willinois.comThanks!
  3. Thanks everyone. It was done in Carrara 3.0. My target audience was me. I did it because the thought of it made me laugh.And Chopper, I know what you mean. If you watch some parts, I've got everything moving, in other, not so much. If I weren’t so tired of working on it, I'd do every shot again but time to move on.Here's a bit of a story. I was working on this late one night and my wife was on the couch working on some genealogy stuff that she has been working on for a long time. At one point she says, "You probably think I'm silly for doing all this"I said, "Sweetheart, I've been working on
  4. Hi fellow poker players. I've created a little animation project that has a poker theme. It's only my second attempt at animation so be kind. I know some of the movement are a little raw.http://www.geekendwarrior.com/Sid.movBut tell me what you think.Underbelly
  5. I was wondering what you all think is the worse poker site. My vote is Check and Raise.
  6. I'm UnderbelluIt was suppose to be Underbelly but I made a typo. When I emailed them, I found there was already a Underbelly!Darn, I use Underbelly for everything.
  7. This has to be the stupidest thread I have every read. Politics has no place in poker. None. And 99% of what I read here is so backwards in both sides it makes me ill. This one sided, close minded, arrogant stupidity it just plan silly,And remember Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have been married for years.What made this country work is having to sides expressing 2 points of view. If either the right or the left had complete control, believe me, this land would fold faster than a 7 2 offsuit.
  8. Why do I think that this is some sort of stupid spam! Sell you gimmicks somewhere else!
  9. I think the bottom line to all this is there are little things you can do (steal blinds and such) to help stay afloat during the dry spells but . . . the problem is, there are so many horrible players in these tourneys that it makes it hard. The lower the level, the more you get people who call no matter what they have.
  10. That's weird? Since betting is what the game is about, I don't know how you can play if you don't bet or what fun that would be. Let me know how this was done.
  11. I think it’s time for me to hang it up! I study hold’em, read book, watch TV, know the oddsKnowing all this and actually doing it are 2 different things. I play a monthly tournament that I wait for all month. Everyone I know plays and we usually have a crowd of 35 – 50 players. We play 6 at a table and I site down with four guys I don’t know and a good friend of mine. Everyone is playing loose and aggressive so I play tight.I’m not getting cards what so ever. 10-2o, Q7o, 23s, things like that. So I’m folding every hand. Finally I’m dealt pocket 10’s. Three people call the BB when it gets
  12. I never heard of Poker Mountain until I went to this site. I thought, great, another one to try. There is only a handful of games and no Tournements. I sent an email asking and got a response saying they are not offering any and because of a make over of the client and will let me know when they will be back up.Don't these guys know how much compitition there is out there. I'm not going to wait until they get around to it. There are plenty of other sites that offer what I want and upgrade without an interuption.I hope Daniel doesn't have money invested in this site.
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