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  1. Is this just the Money Transfer option in payout? I've run my Bodog up several thousand, but haven't withdrawn because I wanted to do it all at once. It says up to 7-10 days on the payout menu, and that's after they approve it. Is this the option you use, and it just takes much shorter than they say? If so, this would be very handy, because WSOP Circuit-Indiana starts this coming Monday, and I could withdraw that money to take with me. Thanks for your help.
  2. I used Western Union to put money on Bodog after the bill passed. It is actually as easy as it sounds, you call them, they give you the name to transfer the money to, and voila. If you have one at work it should take you like 5, 10 minutes. Withdrawing the money takes weeks, but at least you have the opportunity still.
  3. Yeah, I don't know over what period of time he lost a million, and if it's totally accurate, but 2+2 mapped out every hand played for a week, every player that was in and how much they won or lost. Matusow was up $650K between the Omaha & H/L tables, and as a sidenote pretty much every other FT sponsored pro was down several hundred thousand. But like any place, the players will look good one week and bad another. Does anyone know if 2+2 or anywhere else continued to document the wins/losses of those games?
  4. It sounds like there's a few other decent options. I'm planning on staying there but checking in case because their website listed like there were rooms available but when I checked Expedia for their prices, it listed them as sold out.
  5. Wow, sweet. I've been wanting to go there for a while, didn't know it was so highly revered. I'm going to play the first two or three tournies for sure and then go from there. Beyond that, it's hard to leave town for more than a week, plus it's listed as 189 a night over the weekend for a room there. Which brings me to my next point...is there a good way to get the rooms for cheaper, especially since I'll be there for several nights. I know it said rewards members could get discounts, but I've never been there. Thanks guys.
  6. I'm planning on going down for a couple of tournies at the beginning of the WSOP Circuit at Caesars Indiana. Is there anybody that went last year, or is going this year? The information on the website is very sparse, I wanted to know about blind structures and what kind of satellites they have. I'm going to play in the satellites the day before and possibly for the ME, so if anybody has any info, or is going this year and is in need of it also, let me know...thanks.
  7. Thanks for the help guys. Sounds like if I can choose a flight to be in, A or D would work and I could handle both the main event and my bro's holy matrimony. Sweet deal. Now to actually qualify...
  8. Does anyone know how the registration and day assignments work for Day One of the Main Event? I'm in the finals of one satellite that would send me and considering entering more. My problem is that my brother's wedding is on Day C of the first day flights. I could work around it if I don't get assigned to Day C, but do I have to be there to register on the first day regardless? The satellites I've entered have been through promotions/player points as I don't want to invest money in something that I'm barely going to have time for anyway, but if I do qualify, I'd like to be prepared. Any h
  9. Thanks...didn't win a seat but won the $50 superstack and got 3rd in the $100 for 2 nice cashes.
  10. Haha, nice. That's what I did last night. Thinking that I would've won my seat if he hadn't straight my KK with KJ wasn't what I wanted to do...so the bar and friends helped erase it. Quick update though...all those weren't cash buyins, but the $50 superstack that I just won certainly was. So at least I've got my confidence/winning back. Anyone else?
  11. They gave away all those seats this weekend...did anyone win one or come close? I played in those that I could and had some of the worst luck I've had in tournies...fortunately it was all player point and Tourney Dollar buyins that I used. I made it to final 5 in one as 2nd in chips. Lost with KK vs. KJ on a hand that would've made me the overwhelming chip leader and probably sent me to Vegas for the main event. But anyway, no crying in the breast milk...I'm leading the $50 super stack and $100 tourney as we speak. Back to the main point...anyone play or currently playing on Bodog this w
  12. As far as the way this hand went down, I think the way you played it was great. I think that he either has J-8, 10-9, 7-9, or a lot of other hands that you have beat. If you prefer to take away postflop play, another raise on the flop would've been in order, but I prefer to call and see what happens. My read is that one of 2 things happened though: 1. the 9 killed you and you avoided busting...or my guess which is 2. he had something like 10's or a busted flush and he kept betting thinking you were drawing as well because you didn't ever raise. Or he has 8-6, and again you don't lose. Ho
  13. The link was at etaipo.livejournal.com, so thanks. Downloading as we speak.
  14. There was confusion earlier as to when this actually aired, and it was not listed as ever airing on NBC here (Indiana). I assumed it didn't start until next week until I read the blog. Did anyone else see it, and has anyone found a torrent for it yet. My searches came up empty. Thanks ahead of time for any help
  15. Ouch, yeah that one definitely stings based on the way he played it. Even after he hit the 4 on the turn he should be somewhat afraid of being behind unless you cap it often.
  16. I don't know if I'm "supposed" to be Mario, but I dressed up as him for Breakfast Club. And so an avatar was born.And no, it's not a bad beat. J 4 is barely a favorite over J 2. But it is the largest possible lead to have in a hand without being 100%. Thus the interestingfulness.
  17. I had my first ever ultimate suckout today...the perfect two running cards to lose to. Fortunately, it only cost me a split pot in a heads up sit n go. It was only a $30 buyin that I was messing around in, so it was more entertaining to see than anything. Blinds were up to 50-100, my opponent only had 500 left, so I pushed from the button with J 4 suited and he called...dominated. Anyway...he had J 2 into a flop of 10 4 4 rainbow. The turn was a Jack filling me up, and the river was a Jack, filling us both up. The real point of this post is to ask if anyone else has been hit by the perfec
  18. Hellmuth at 20-1 and Chan at 24-1 both seem like the best bets. My sports betting has never extended to poker, but as 2 of the best at NLHE, they should probably be higher on the list. Not to mention Hellmuth won the thing last year.
  19. I like you stew, but that is nowhere near the highest levels online.Yeah, I didn't mean to say that those are the highest possible. But I've been playing mostly on Bodog where 50 is the highest, and it's harder to find a consistent game bigger than 100 on FCP/Pokerroom. Which leads to my question...as far as SNG's go, where are the highest for heads up? I know FCP has the 500 ones as their highest...is that the biggest it goes? Full Tilt also has 500, with a lower fee as well. I'll be sticking to 50/100 for now but when my BR gets big enough to where I don't mind taking a few shots at the
  20. HU NL sit n go's have treated me really well. I know you said you liked cash games, but sit n gos can give you a lot of control over someone. When you learn how to beat them, people can't get away by jumping out after a big hand. I play at the highest levels now (50 or 100, depending on the site) and if you can win at 60% or higher there, you make a lot of money. I've kept mine a little above 60%, and it's a pretty big payoff
  21. I haven't been there, but it is where the WSOP Indiana was held. I considered driving down for one of the earlier tournies, but didn't make it. I'm planning on making it down there this summer hopefully, but anyway...here's a link to their information about their current poker room:http://www.caesars.com/Caesars/Indiana/Cas...esars_Poker.htm
  22. $5000, plus some hats, not bad for a 10 buyin tourney. I plan on winning all 5000, and all 5 hats in an incredible stroke of luck.
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