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  1. Does party host anymore freeroll's? I can't seem to find any on the site.
  2. lol you all say u can lay that hand down. thats because you know the oponnent AA. if the topic was different like.. you have AK flop 4 4 A turn Qhow many of you can honestly fold that? Hellmuth was right, thats an awesome laydown.
  3. boutox on the face.. new hair style other then that cactus she's got on her head.. and your good to go.
  4. everyone thinks they are pro. just look at this forum, everyone thinks they are right. Some random guy like smasharoo gives himself 55/45 against Daniel Negreanu, which is quite absurd.
  5. so in other words. . . You'd use the blood from her tampon as ketchup?not very original. I prefer to freeze them and eat them like popcicles so you can savor the taste, all sentimental and shitEXACTLY, finally I find someone that understands me, to bad I'm not gay or I'd probably bang you to.damnit, I was hoping this was me and you this saturday at a costume party and after that we go back to my place and you can me off onto a and eat itBUMP
  6. add a new character named Smasharoo.your going to eclipse star wars for sure in the box office category. no doubt.
  7. just make a suit that's literally made out of money but it's laminated so it doesn't get ruined, then go out in public.well its a million so not a billion. so i'd make it out for 1 or 5 dollar bills.
  8. hahhahaha the retard who says he can predict whole cards ... wow STOP WASTING FORUM SpAcE with this 1$ tourney idiot shit lmao.
  9. make my own poker website with a forum with a bunch of flaming fags soon to join.
  10. 20% showdowns?? thats EXTREMELY low... you must be getting caught on the river often.. and calling down people with mid pair and be getting consistently beat... your a pretty horrible reader if you have 20% showdowns.
  11. WSOP on ESPN hmmm...Does anyone else give a shit about Cindy Violette's eating habits?Or is it just me ?Morgan Machina's ultimate frisbee play?Phil Hellmuth spiritual practices before the main event?I know this may sound mean and Jenninfer Harman is cool and all.. but i DO NOT want to know about her kidney disease. And several other retarded things on "The Nuts"
  12. that was a great laydown. paul could have easily had an overpair as well.
  13. Haha is this the god you idiots worship?? Some god he is.
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