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  1. Youre just pulling stuff out of your *** now. Most households have 2 incomes, no? Lets say the avg. household income for man and woman is $50,000. You are telling me the avg price for a home is the US is 1/4 million dollars? There are places where it is costly to live, S. Cali, NYC, Miami, Phoeix, but most places you can live just fine in a $125,000. It won't be a mansion, but more than what you need. Also, Im sure most households with 2 incomes are able to pull in more than $25,000/year. If it was 5 time the avg income, noboby could get qualified for a loan, dumbass.
  2. Not true. I joined to ask ?'s about the game, but learned quickly what type of people play this game and their illusions in life. Congrats good sir, you have made the dumbest post in this thread. Whats going to crash? The market will level out and the morons who have adjustable rate mortgages may be in trouble, but nothing will crash. People will always be buying houses, always. They were buying houses in the early 80's when % rates were at %13, so why wouldn't they buy now when they are still low. You, sir, are very misinformed.
  3. The majority of lawyers dont work at big firms. You have to go to one of the best lawyer schools and graduate at the top of your class before you can work at one of the "big firms."
  4. I have a problem with that quote. You are a different person depending on how much $ you have in the bank. I've been poor before, it sucks. Having to put back groceries when you get to the checkout line b/c you can't afford them is something I'll never forget. Money gives you freedom, and with freedom comes happiness. Doing something you dont enjoy, just so you can pay the bills is not freedom, and will not bring happiness to many. Therefore, you are how much money you have in the bank.
  5. Pivvy, I am confused as to why you are brining doctors and lawyers to a poker forum. Also, I am quite sure I make more $$ than a lot of lawyers. Realize that many lawyers are forever stuck in the 60-70k dollar range.I am talking about people on THIS forum. The people that have illusions of making it big in poker, all while just getting by or living with parents still. Those are the people Im referring to. Why you would bring up professionals is beyond me. Im sure there are people that are bad with money in every profession. Im referring to the losers grinding it out in poker, never hopi
  6. If rent for a beautiful apartment in brooklyn is $800, you should be able to buy a decent place for $250,000. You obviously know NOTHING about real estate. Whatever though, you seem content paying someone else's mortgage.
  7. I do own a house, this is my second one. Im 25, and haven't done anthing to awe about in life. BUT, I dont understand why people throw their money away on rent, especially those people to afraid to do anything but play poker. Even in New York city, you could buy a 400-500 sq ft place for the low 200's. So what if you have to live in a dump for a little bit, at least your on your way out. What most of you fail to realize is that you will never beat poker, and will never be much more than a break even player. Move on, poker will only treat a very few amount of people well. The sooner you
  8. and still pay rent or/and live with mom and dad?
  9. Shocking. How old are you guys that have responded? Still living with mom and dad? Still paying rent? I told you, the people that hate on this thread are the people Im talking about.
  10. Thank you for justifying my above post.
  11. I've been on here a little over a year, and this site takes the cake for most pathetic members. Just answer this question honestly: How many of you are working at shitty jobs, pay RENT, and hoping to bring the real $$ in from playing poker? I am willing to bet that is most people at this site. I have never seen so many people ride a certain person's nuts so hard, its hilarious. The haters that respond to this thread are most likely the person I described above. Carry on now, that million dollar win is just around the corner.
  12. I just laugh at all you idiots that think you can really make a living from doing this.
  13. Im throwing a ton of money into a company called "Geely." This is a Chinese auto company.Its easy to get started, I go through Charles Schwab. Its prolly not the best, but I like they advice/help from there. Pm me for more info.
  14. I dont do a lot of day trading, mostly I'm in the stock market for the long haul.You do need a bigger capital, something most of the kids here dont have. Yes, I do this all online, except some foreign stocks which I have to call in.
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