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  1. I'm getting ready to play in what will be my first big tournaments. When I say big I mean buy-ins more than $100 and fields with 200-300 or more. I've done pretty well with the small local tournaments and I'm looking forward to seeing where I stand in the larger tournaments. If anyone has any advice or tips for playing inthe larger tournemants please let me know. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I have friends that play free bar poker and their stories are similar. You are running into players that have no idea. They've seen it on tv and want to play.
  3. I've seen newer players move in w/any paint regardless of kicker.I don't know if these players totally understand they are moving in w/crap? Most actually think they are making the correct play.
  4. I had the same problem for a long time. I wanted to make the money so bad I'd play very tight to do so. I read Mike Sexton's Shuffle up and Deal and it turned a light on. Tight players do not win tournaments. You have to gamble to win and accumulate chips so you are in decent position when you get to the final table. Good Luck.
  5. I agree w/gobears. AK is a great starting hand and I stress starting hand. The flop is only going to hit you about a thrid of the time. I you don't flop well all your left with is over cards. I play them for a decent raise pre-flop (4-5 x's bb) if someone comes over the top your probably well behind and need to eject.
  6. While playing a live mtt yesterday I got dealt Jacks in mp. There were 3 limpers then the chip leader at the table (about 3-1 to me) moves all in. He gets one caller by the player to my right. I fold the jacks. Another player calls in the bb. There is 3 players all in so I felt pretty good about the fold until the chip leader shows A,J offsuit and the two other were K,Q & A,10. Needless to say the Jacks would have held up. With the all in by the chip leader and one caller before it got to me was I correct to assume the Jacks were no good any more? The chip leader was getting cards and the
  7. i've been there. I was chip leader withabout 1/2 chips in play ina mtt. i picked up aces w/blinds at $2k-$4k i raised pre-flop to $12k & got one caller. the flop came w/king high he checked. my thinking at the time was to wait for him to mave a move then come over the top w/the aces. he had mentioned it was his first live tourney and had been playing free bar poker. he wasn't thrilled about the call pre -flop and i thought he might make a play if i checked behind him. anyway, we checked it down to the river where i moved in he called and caught a flush on the river. i let him draw to the f
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