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  1. Ok, im in a game with ten of my friends. I am chipleader at the table in a .25/.50 blind no limit game. I have about 160 in chips. Folds around to fourth to act who limps, the button limps SB folds and i check. I have 6-4 offsuit. Flop comes 4-4-Q. I check middle position overbets out 4 dollars which seemed suspiscous to me, then the button calls. With there being a flush possibility out with the Q and one 4 being a spade i wanted to make a large bet to get out possible flush draws and still maybe get a Q to hang around. My read was the original better had a weak queen and the caller o
  2. are going to invite us all to the wedding? lol
  3. why value bet with King high against a bad player? The bad player wont see it as hey he bet less so he might have a better hand so im gunna fold, hell probably see it as it cheaper to see wat u have so why not?
  4. yo, you just said u play perfect poker......hahahahahahahahahaha
  5. If i check and move in on the flop i take down the pot right there and dont have to risk my whole stack preflop without a made hand, thats why i asked.
  6. I wasnt sure whether to put this on te strategy category or in the bat beat category. But anyway here is the situation. I was playing in a 40 dollar buy in tournament with 19 of my friends. We each started with 1000 in chips. With the blinds at 40-80 i was sitting on about 800 in chips. I was in the big blind. UTG limped in and third to act limped in and the small blind called. I looked down and saw AK suited in spades. I raised all-in for 720 more. UTG folded and the player third to act called and the small blind folded. The player who called had AQ off. Flop came K-4
  7. Thats really not a bad beat at all considering you needed to give him a bad beat in order for him to catch an ace to give you a "bad beat".
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