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  1. Anyone know how the bonus is released on stars?Does it just release it incrementally without notification.. or is someone sending money into my account in sikrit.
  2. Microstakes poker should always be straightforward.
  3. I think WEC is a great event, I wouldn't mind fighting in it! Seen some terrific fights and some WEC events have been a lot better than a couple of the recent UFC events.Thanks for the reminder that it's on.
  4. Severn tends to lie about his age
  5. I'd like to say don't eat a buncha valium and play poker. Unless you're lucky, like I was :)Nobody has a hand when you're on downers. On the other hand, smoke some weed and suddenly everyones got 100 different hands.
  6. The prospect of A Silva v Machida makes me feel wet, if anyone hasn't mentioned this potential matchup... in the distant future i guess. now that would be a fricken title fight.
  7. It's a bit of a state that card.. I want to see the undercard fight with Per Eklund as I've trained with him.. Experienced and methodical.Personally I'd bet on Stevenson but I'm too much of a BJ fan to pull the trigger on that one. I'm sure I'll end up putting a big one on BJ and lose
  8. Oh The Terra vs Farmboy will happen for sure unless Hughes decides to retire "I would pay $40 just to see him and Hughes fight." < UFC will make it happen for that exact reason. I'm a poker player I guess I shouldn't make fun of someones will to make money
  9. rkard

    I Have Returned !

    Thanks guys . I'm trying to get more involved in the whole posting on poker forums thing as it might make the old profession more um, involving, immersive. This is like the office cafeteria where everyone gossips. I will stop being that creepy guy in the corner whos rubbing his nonospot. Oh and maybe I shouldn't take one and a half years to type a reply either. I'm getting better with my speed typing though. I can now type 122 words per week. In fact, I almost starved to death typing this message. Also, I smell.
  10. Hah, I think you need to tell yourself that he'll fight Hughes sooner or later (probably billed as former champs going at it Hehe) and you'll save your Serra bet for then. He'll still be a dog in that fight but I fancy my chances betting on Serra in a fight vs Hughes
  11. lol I'm sure betting on Serra could be tempting for your if you bet on Hughes. As much as I like Serra I don't see him beating GSP at all. I'll jump on that bet if it's better than 15%.Well, I was confident that Sok would win and the odds were too good to pass up. He would be able to dictate whether to stand up or not with his Judo. Then the fact that he's knocked people out in impressive fashion. Gah, even if I went back in time I'm sure I'd bet on Sok again even if I knew the outcome. I'm too stubborn.
  12. Heck back when I was playing anything under 3/6 NL I'd spread 10-15 buyins over 4x6max tables and I felt like a nit then! On hindsight, I was just a lucky shithead. Now playing a bit higher I'll gladly join the 50 buyin nit club. It's nice to watch 3-4 buyins vanish and still feel all cozy inside. Then again I playwise I'd prefer calling myself an Errati-nit, sometimes you gotta flick that switch and get wacky with it.
  13. Well done City, vs Newcastle. Showed that Fat Scam Allardyce...Liverpool vs Wigan, 1-1... laughs at Benitez having a fit on the touchline. Maybe he should've made better signings, or used his players better. Without Torres they'd be terribly doomed away from top4. At least they've got that to fight for cause they sure aren't challenging for a title. I don't see them getting lucky in the CL again either.
  14. I'm disappointed with Sok, lost a big bet on him.. odds were too inviting and his promise of Jungle Kung Fu along with Henderson in his corner got to me.I should just have unloaded on GSP, doesn't get any safer than that seeing as Hughes crosseyed standup isn't gonna knock anyone out the way Serra does.
  15. Jenna Jameson, washed up like Tito Ortiz. Chuck vs Wandy, underwhelming... biased highlights too.It was funny to see Clementi sticking it to that bigmouth whose name isn't even worth mentioning. Sokodjou, disappointing... Machida, the future. Chuck won't be champ again either way. Rampage looked perplexed, he really wanted that fight with Wandy. I can't be bothered seeing a Chuck vs Rampage x3. Chuck doesn't deserve a title shot yet.Don't need any words on that fight... Hughes getting dominated was no surprise.
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