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  1. Is this really a possibility? If this situation is really the pissing match it seems to be, would Bettman (and the BOG) actually move into next season with 29 teams? I doubt the court system can fully resolve this before October, so would the NHL take over the team like the MLB did with the ExpoNats? What are the possible outcomes from this move by Balsilie for 09-10?
  2. Hiller is starting to remind me of '03 Giguere.
  3. Watching the TSN guys actually question whether he blew the whistle before or after the puck went in is making me physically sick. The fact that the rule is "when the ref INTENDED to blow the whistle" only makes it worse. As awesome as the games have been, the way the refs are impacting them is fucking pathetic. Might as well be the NBA.
  4. Chico is awful. There are times when he's blathering on about random shit that I think he must be hammered. That being said, somehow it works with him and Doc. Chico's an idiot, yet Emrick reigns him in without ruining his enthusiasm. When Cangialosi (SHAT SCAAAAR!) is calling the game, he can't keep the drunken uncle in check, and he runs wild.As for Emrick himself, he calls national games differently from local games. I'm a Devils homer, so I obviously love his calls during Devils games, but I do notice a drop in quality when he's on Versus/NBC. It may be pressure from producers to call the
  5. QFT. Perfect placement and unreal velocity.
  6. PM sent, shipping the $10 to serge on Stars now.
  7. Oh god, I agree with Serge on both of these, maybe I should just ship $40 and not even bother showing up. I'm the random interweb dude in this, so I won't disagree if there's a consensus one way or another. I'd prefer a standard snake draft, but I'm up for whatever.On another note, I don't think I've ever met any of you guys before, so what should I be looking for when I get there? Where will you guys be?
  8. Out in 4th, after being a huge luckbox throughout.Good times though, think I may be a regular after tonight.
  9. Sounds good, unless I get a shit ton of work dropped on me from the long weekend, I'll be there.
  10. This the pool drafting on April 13th you referred to earlier in the thread? If so, I may be in, depending on the time. Details?
  11. Fucking great episode. Even though a lot of the jokes were telegraphed, I still enjoyed the whole thing. I haven't laughed this hard at South Park since Santa buried a battle axe into a Minotaur in Imaginationland. Well played Trey & Matt.
  12. Haha, burned. I actually had Chara in Crosby's spot, then Savard, but Crosby's too good, and I don't watch enough games league wide to have much of an argument for other players. Still, I'm an idiot.
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