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  1. two weeks ago, i was in a tournament, nine players, I'm in the big blind. It's very early, so everyone's pretty much even. The player to my left doubles the big blind and every single player calls around to me. I look at KK and decide, its early, there are already a lot of chips on the table...I'm taking em, and maybe doubling up, so I go all in. The guy to my left (the original raiser) calls, everyone else folds. I flip my KK hoping to see anything but AA....he flips over 3-5 . Sure enough, the flop comes A-2-4 giving him a straight (a 6 hit the river to give him a higher straight) an
  2. Jack Sikma is not dead.The 7-foot, three-point shooting wonder who spent his best years in a Milwaukee Bucks uniform is alive and well.I met him last year. He's an assistant coach for the Seattle Supersonics.Have a Supersonic Easter.
  3. we use pocket pairs as jersey numbers too....but not hockey.22 - emmitt smith (its a winner early, but tapers off...)33 - scottie pippen (usually the 2nd best hand preflop, the way pippen was 2nd to jordan)44 - Hammerin' Hank (home run king Hank Aaron, no explanation)55 - sammy hagar 10-2 - we call this doyle as well7-2o - date rapeJK - Jake and the Fatmanthe rest we use are pretty standard, motwon, rockets, cowboys, sigfried & roy, etc.
  4. I think the comittee got the one seeds right (probably). Be advised that the selection committee puts little or no stock in the RPI. If they did, wouldn't Kansas (the team with the #1 RPI) have a #1 seed? The fact that Kansas is the #1 team in the RPI shows how flawed it is. Funny how the conference tournaments mattered so much this year (duke elevated to a #1, Kentucky losing a #1 seed) when last year the comittee didnt even wait for the Big Ten championship to finish before they screwed wisconsin with a 6 seed, even though they had just thrashed illinois.
  5. my name should be the same for both...UNC would play the play-in winner in charlotte, not syracuse.sorry...the opening round winner. I guess the committee is strongly discouraging people from calling it a play-in game because both teams are "in" the "NCAA tournament.I think the play-in game should be between two bubble teams. I wouldve rather seen Depaul and Maryland fight for a spot tonight.
  6. I didn't mind the show that much, but something honestly needs to be done about the dialouge. If even George Lucas can admit he needs help writing solid dialouge, then the creators of TILT can too. I can't remember what Eddie said to the Matador (in the bathroom in the season finale) but the Matador's response was: "Big words for a little man." C'mon. You can do better than that.I think Eddie wondered if the Matador "slow played" pocket Aces or Kings because they both checked the flop. Then eddie bet on the turn, Matador went all-in, then the deliberation.I could find little things abou
  7. I've won my huge pool here at home two years running, and always felt completely confident just going through and picking everything. This year its really tough though. UNC, Florida, UConn, Kansas, Villanova, all in the same region? Wow. If you're looking for a big 2nd round upset, look for Minnesota over UNC. haha. (I graduated from the U of MN in '03...gotta show my team some love after they almost took down Illinois this weekend.)I'll probably enter sometime today, sounds like fun.
  8. Daniel,I wasn't gonna post this at first because I didn't wanna seem like a tattletale, but then I figured that it's your forum, and you wanna see what was said. Besides, the first line of the 2nd paragraph is: "Now DN if you read this, and I hope you do," so I'm just ensuring the authors wish is granted. In his defense, he did post several rebuttals and explanations. This post isn't THAT negative, but it is kind of calling you out for a few different reasons. I believe the post is titled "daniels lousy excuse ....." and is in the section about your Journal if you'd like to read more. -ma
  9. I definitely agree to an extent.Daniel has a feature on this site where you can email him. If anyone, personally, has a problem with Daniel or something he does or says, then they should email him directly. Posting about it on the board does two things:1. Publicly calls Daniel out for something they perceive as wrong2. Turns into a mindless, name calling sessionNeither of these things are good for anyone. My feeling is that Daniel is good enough to share some insider information from the life of a professional poker player, which is extremely cool. He provides a forum for us to discuss t
  10. yeah dude, i understand what you're saying, and I think you got my point as well. I also understand the "morals" of poker...my personal morals when playing home games w/ friends just differ a little. question: do you play limit or no limit when you play at card rooms? I know you said earlier you play some 5-10, but i find it harder to set up a flase image or bluff EXTREMELY successfully in limit poker. I'm sure the higher the limits, the easier it is to do. damn student loans...that's a bunch of money I could be playing with each month...maybe this college thing wasnt the best idea, hah
  11. yeah, i understand from that standpoint how that would be beneficial to "act" or "set up" a table image if you're playing with a bunch of strangers in a casino or card room, but I don't ever see myself doing it, partly due to "morals and conscience" (son of a bitch!) and partly due to the fact that I just feel really confident in my game and don't care if my table image relfects that. That doesn't mean I think it's wrong for you or anyone else to do, and my perspective is obviously a little different ... I'm just out of college and with loans, car paymets, rent, etc, I don't have much money
  12. I have a few friends who are pretty new to the game, and I've been kinda trying to help them learn more about it (even though I still have a lot to learn myself). But if we're playing a home game and I have huge hand (flopped a straight or a flush, full house, etc) and they think about caling for awhile, and then fold, I'll sometimes let them know it was "good fold" as a kind of encouragement that they probalby made the right decision. I only say it to these friends though, and only when im positive I have the best hand. I don't try to mislead them or anything.
  13. wow...that was a pretty funny response.I don't berate players at the table for these things. I think it's in better taste to vent about it on a message board with other decent (NOT PRO) poker players. At the table, I'm actually very patient and try to help these people understand the basics of the game so the game is quicker and smoother. If you need to trick other players into thinking your inexperienced to beat them, more power to you, and good luck.
  14. in reference to whoever said they hate it when people quote "Tilt" at the table...I've been waiting since that show started, for someone to say to me: "Did you even look at your cards?" so I can hit them back with the Matador's classic line: "No...I saw your face when you looked at yours." What a hilarious line.I kinda hate it when people clearly don't understand betting. For example, someone not in the blind tries to check, or the big blind says "call" when everyone else has only called him. I realize that most of the lingo comes with experience, but if you don't even understand betting
  15. I think it would be a far better idea to see Phil Hellmuth on "Punk'd"Do you know how pissed he'd get? He'd wander off until he was in a hallway by himself, then he'd berate Ashton Kutcher for 5 minutes. "I can't believe he'd try to Punk me, the nerve!" Then we'd just hear a bunch of beeps. Then he'd end by saying that Kutcher got lucky, and if luck wasn't involved he'd never get punk'd.That would be great TV
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