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  1. After this weekend i think that the best thing to do is take @ least a week off. The game 1 2 no limit local casnio hand #1 In the cut off w/ 7 8 so i limp button folds sb completesbb checks the flop was 5 6 9 rainbow check to me so i bet $5 sb check raises all in for $50 more so I call its my str8 vs. A 6 turns a 5 and the river is a 6 for a running full house. After shaking it off and a pack of smokes this hand comes up in mid field call a raise w/ A Q the flop comes out A Q 5 two spades pre flop raiser bets $20 I raise to $45 and he moves all in he has me covered but i call he tur
  2. Thank you smash. The reason for the post is after I folded the dealer fliped up my cards when mucking them and I had 4 people tell me what a bad lay down it was until sb turned up A J and all in turned up K J .But i'm glad to Know that your on my side.
  3. This hand came up in a 2-5 nl. I was on the button J 10 and limped behind 2 other players. SB completes BB checksThe flop is 9 8 J SB bets $20 folded to mid position who moves all in for $75 more and its folded to me. What should I do?I'll let you know after a few post
  4. No. In must kill games that I have played in the person on the kill button puts in the new level i.e. 10/20 then the kill button puts in 20 and the blinds stay @ 5 and 10 and the kill button has the option to raise.
  5. You could also call it a good bluff on utg+1's part.BB check called to the river w/ 10 high utg+1 mucked
  6. This hand just made me sick. I'm in a six handed 10/20 and dealt QQ on the button utg+1 raises folded to me so I reraise bb calls raiser calls, The flop comes out k k j bb bets utg+1 raises I laugh and fold. Long story short 10 high takes down the pot and I take a long walk. Let me know if there is anyone that would have made a different call here.
  7. I called. He hit 2 pair A and Q turn was an A and the was no help, Knocked out 50 short on the big game.
  8. small blind was raising alot of pots and i was looking to try and trap him :twisted:
  9. I was in a wsop satellite double shoot on stars, I get AK on bb 5 handed theres one mid field limper and sb makes it 300 to go. @ this point small blind is the chip leader i'm second in chips. The flop is A Q 10 rainbow small blind moves all in and has me covered should I call.
  10. Eli Elezra ---------------Eli Chris Moneymaker Tom McEvoy --------McEvoyMimi Tran Cindy Violette Chris Ferguson --------FergusonGus Hansen ----------- Hansen Curtis Bibbs Yosh Nakano Mike Sexton -------- SextonTodd Brunson Erick Lindgren -----------LindgrenPrahlad Friedman Sammy Farha ------------- Friedman Hasin Habib ------------Habib Phil Gordon Barry Greenstein -----------Greenstein Lee Salem Doyle Brunson -------------Brunson Billy Baxter John Juanda ----------------Juanda Chau Giang Amir Vahedi ---------------Vahedi John Myung Nick Frangos TJ Cloutier ----------Cloutier Scotty Nguyen -
  11. Why does Johnboy call everyone "queer" is he in the closet :?
  12. Yea, now there's 24 hours of them on the Cartoon Network.[/quoteNothing to look forward to anymore :cry:
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