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  1. Worst beat ever:Playing .25/.50c a couple of years ago on Bodog. Raised up to $2 with QQ. One caller. Flop was Q83 rainbow. Guy checks to me. I bet $2. He suddenly reraises all-in for 30-some dollars. I call. He flips over 44. Turn and river bring him running quads.
  2. I played on UB for quite some time, but gave it up several months ago. My feeling is that it used to be the best site maybe 2-3 years ago. Not anymore. Everything they have done, especially over the past year, has had a negative impact on their players. No one plays thier high stakes games anymore. The only pro who plays with any kind of regularity there is James Worth, who is not exactly a household poker name (though he is very good). A number of their old pros have jumped ship to other sites. Also, while they are generous with awarding bonus dollars to their players, they are not so
  3. At the bar at Bally's, and on ESPN one of the WSOP circuit events is playing (the latest one they aired with DN winning). Guy sitting two spots down from me points to to TV:Him: I can't get enough of that stuff.Me: You play at all?Him: Yeah, online. I make a killing. I've got almost two million dollars in my Party Poker account.Me: Two million?Him: Oh yeah. I mean, it's play money, but...you know.
  4. >>As an admitted Hellmuth hater, this is a biased opinion, but his performance at the FTs the last two WSOP TOCs was, well, indicative of how he plays. Especially this past years (where the hand by hand log is available), you can just see Corkins crushing him repeatedly. Phil's unwillingness to gamble (and his phenominal reading ability to lay AQ when Corkins had AA) cost him the latest TOC. At last year's TOC (the 2 mil STT) he complained afterwards about Annie consistently coming over the top of him......well maybe, if he would ever make a stand at a point when he has a decent amount o
  5. >>>Just out of curiousity, why does it matter that the deck is shuffled? The odds of any given card hitting the flop is still the same, or do you guys rig your games?<<<We rig them. Actually, it was because the dealer had shuffled the already folded cards into the deck, which is why I offered to call the hand dead in the first place.>>the fish is clearly the guy who offered to split the pot with KK. didn't know this was the "you know you're a wuss thread"<<You're so mean. I'm telling mom you said that.
  6. Playing a home game SNG:Blinds are 400-800 with antes. 4 people are left. Three limp in and I look down at KK. I raise 3K on top. Folds to the button who says "All in." It's about another 3k to call. SB folds. I call.As I call, we notice the person dealing for us is shuffling the deck absentmindedly. Button starts screaming at him. "What the f*ck are you doing d*ckhead???" He apologizes several times. Then comes the question "What do we do now?"Trying to keep cool, I offer to call the hand dead. The two people out of the hand suggest the guy and I chop the pot between us. I agree.
  7. I played on UB for quite some time. Really enjoyed it while I was there. However, around mid-june I started having repeated sessions of nasty beats, both in cash games and tournaments. I won't go into stories about my bad beats because no one really wants to hear them. :-) After about 2 solid months of this, I decided it would be wise to just switch sites and play somewhere else. I looked around, found one that looked good (bodog), transfered my bankroll there, and have been playing there since. I did this not because I felt UB was rigged, but because I thought a change would be the bes
  8. I have been on Bodog for a little while now. Yes, the players are the weakest I have seen on any site (Party Poker is pretty close though). I mentioned on a different thread that many of the players are there for the sports betting. Bodog also has a casino, which I am sure is popular. The majority of the players view poker as just another form of gambling. It's almost impossible to find more than a couple solid players at any table (Fixed Limit and NL).The only part of the site I suggest staying away from is the SNGs. They exist mostly to keep the fishies happy there. Players start with
  9. >>> <<<You aren't.I'm not one who flames, so please don't take it this way.That logic is exactly what causes most players to drop their whole bankroll over a period of time. People are impatient and want big money quickly.The 300BB (some say 250) rule allows a player room for cold streaks, which happen to everyone.Say you sit down at that .50/1 table with 25 bucks. That is a third of your bankroll. Say you have a bad run of cards that day and get blinded down...or your big hands get sucked out on a few times. Well all have those days. Fine. Then you sit back down agai
  10. I've found Bodog to be the easiest site to make money. It was originally made as a sportsbetting site, until they opened up a poker room and casino some time ago. I have found the majority of people who play on the site (especially at the lower stakes) are gamblers who don't mind losing their money. They treat poker as they would any casino table game. They play expecting to lose unless they get lucky. To them, poker is just another way to drop some cash.Bodog is not a very high stakes place either, so it tends not to attract many good players. For example, the highest fixed limit games
  11. [fryer98"]When at the showdown, showing 1 card...and then thinking they only have to show 1 to win the pot. That one used to really get to me, and I mean REALLY get to me. Now I just don't let people get away with it. At a casino, if the dealer doesn't immediately say something, I ask the dealer to flip over over the other card. At home games, I flip it over myself, or wait till someone elese does before I show or muck my hand. There are two reasons people like to do that... 1. They want to hide information. If the board is 2345Q and they show you just a six and not the other card, they d
  12. ...which is why I asked for situations in No-Limit games. Obviously, in any fixed limit game, even a preflop round that is capped before it gets to you will be called when you hold KK.If someone is a player in strictly limit cash games, this subject is of no relevance to them. However, for people who play any kind of No-limit holdem games, they have certainly found themselves in a preflop situation where they've held KK and had to decide if someone who pushed all-in was holding onto Aces.The purpose of starting this thread was simply to see if people had some interesting stories where they f
  13. Speaking of house rules... This was about 3 weeks ago at a place my buddies and I decided to try out:In the middle of a NL Holdem game at a local bar (MTT). The tournament director also happened to be playing at our table. Early on in the game I am heads up with him holding A8. Flop is A83. I check. He says "I bet 300." I stack up 750 in chips and push them out. He says "Ok, he called." Lady next to me says "No, no. He raised."TD: "He didn't say 'raise'."Me: "Well, I put 750 out in front of me."TD: "Yeah, but you didn't say 'raise'."Me: "What does that matter? I put the chips in ver
  14. Your response makes it seem like my post said I fold K-K preflop on a regular basis when facing a raise. I have folded it twice out of about 300 times. I don't think many people would consider that too out of the ordinary.
  15. Joined: 28 Jun 2005Posts: 18Location: Philadelphia folding k-k preflop Thu, Oct 13th, 2005 4:12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It doesn't happen often, but I'm sure anyone who has been playing poker for a decent amount of time has come across that situation where they are holding K-K and have that feeling they are up against A-A. Anyone have a situation where they let go of K-K in NL holdem (cash or tourney) because they felt they were beaten? I have folded K-K twice in preflop situations. Both were tournaments: --Blinds were 30-60. I am in
  16. Whoops. Was trying to make a new subject. Made a reply to this thread by accident.
  17. It doesn't happen often, but I'm sure anyone who has been playing poker for a decent amount of time has come across that situation where they are holding K-K and have that feeling they are up against A-A.Anyone have a situation where they let go of K-K in NL holdem (cash or tourney) because they felt they were beaten?I have folded K-K twice in preflop situations. Both were tournaments:--Blinds were 30-60. I am in the SB with KsKh. First two players fold. Next player raises to 200. Player to his left raises to 400. Next player re-raises all-in for about another 1100 on top. Dealer button
  18. NastyMick: nice catch sheep mrdannyg: ty NastyMick: one-outer, i had the J nothing fantastic i know, i just thought it was very typical for a fish to complain about getting 'caught' or rivered when they were in fact way behind on the flop, drew out, then were redrawn. danielI love that he thinks you caught a "one-outer." So easy for bad players to convince themselves that they just get unlucky.
  19. Hanging out at a bar with some people from work. A new guy (Andrew) is with us. WSOP comes on one of the TVs.Andrew: "Oh, nice. I love holdem."Me: "You play at all?"Andrew: "Dude, I wreck people in this game."He then asks me who some of my favorite players are. And it goes something like this...Me: "Phil Hellmuth."Andrew: "I don't think I know who that is."Me: "Daniel Negreanu."Andrew: "Is that the Asian guy?"Me: "Phil Ivey."Andrew. "....."After running through a few more names (Brunson, TJ, Cunningham, Leibert...etc...) I finally hit one he knows:Me: "Chris Ferguson."Andrew: "Oh, I hate
  20. I wouldn't even worry about some guy talking sense into a player like that. A true fish is incapable of taking in any kind of criticism. If anything, comments like that are just going to make him keep buying back in so he can prove everyone wrong.Any fish who has dropped 300 or 400 bucks in a .50/1.00 game and keeps playing is not going to have some bell go off in his head that tells him "Maybe I shouldn't play every hand, or call down with bottom pair."They just blame it on luck and hope it gets better. That's why we love them.
  21. 1/2 NL cash game on Thursday. Same guy (Duane) I mentioned earlier in this thread ("I have 88, board is Q53. I figure he's got AQ, so I call.") THAT guy... :-)Local bar. Eight of us sit down. First hand of the game the Asian lady to my left looks down at her cards and says "I raise." She makes it $22 to go. Oddly enough she gets 3 callers (one of them being Duane) who all fold after the flop when she bets $40. She shows everyone her aces...About 15 hands go by and she does not raise again. She's first to act now...looks down and says "I raise." She makes it $17 to go. At this point
  22. Dustin,If you are looking to just throw about 25 bucks into a poker site, I would suggest Ultimatebet as well..01/.02 NL Holdem games.o5/.10 Fixed Limit holdem gamesThey also offer $1 sngs all the time as well as a few $1MTT a day.I am assuming that you are still a relative novice to card playing if you are only looking to make a minimum desposit onto a site. If so, UB is a nice place to get started. They also offer Omaha, Ohama 8/b, 7stud, 7stud 8/b, Crazy Pineapple, Triple Draw A-5 and Triple Draw 2-7. You can learn all the games playing there.If you sign up, use 'Phil DVD' as a bonus co
  23. You can go to ultimatebet.com to take a look at the latest deposit bonus.However, If it is your first desposit, use "Phil DVD" as the bonus code and you'll get 100% up to $200. It won't be advertised on the site, but it should work.
  24. A guy I know tries to tell me a story about how he got "fished" in a NL Holdem tournament...Bear in mind, this guy (like most amatuer players) thinks he's much better than he is. Claims he always knows what someone has because he can "see into their soul." Anyway, here's his story..."You're not gonna believe this. Okay, so it's like the fifth hand of the game. Blinds are 10/20. I have pocket 8s and I'm in the small blind. It's just me and the other guy. I call. He checks. Flop comes down...Q 5 3. I bet 20. He raises me 40. I figure he's got Ace/Queen...so I call. Turn comes down..
  25. At a local bar tournament tonight:Blinds are at 10/20.I am UTG with As10s. I raise it to 80. Folds around to the SB (Bryan, arrogant guy who has a thousand words of critique each hand). Bryan calls. BB folds. Flop comes A97 rainbow (no spades). Bryan bets 60, I raise 60. He calls. Turn is 4. Bryan bets 60, I call. River is a 6 (no flush draw). Bryan bets 20. Mini-bet worries me a little bit, so I just call.Bryan: "Your queens are no good. That's why you gotta let go of pocket pairs when you know hey are beat." He flips over the Ad and chucks his other card face down into the bur
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