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  1. Humor and Sarcasm are lost in Forums, as we can't hear your voice deliver the lines...
  2. I tend to play very tight for the first while, until about one third of the players fall out. This reduces thechance of getting a Bad Beat off the start; I got so tired of fish beating me on 4th or 5th streets with nothing hands! Calling what they went all in with Rags would often be kind... (Why is it Fish think since they play everything, they are as good as Gus Hanson?) If I only have 80 - 120% of my original stack at this point, I'm not worried.As the fish are netted up, more and more of the players (% wise) won't even play sucker pockets like A6 or T5, so I can begin to expect them to pl
  3. Hmmm... 8) Without knowing more than their positions at the table, and their bets (just like an early hand after being moved in an online tourney) from the info you have provided, I would myself, most likey CALL or (when in doubt) Raise... ... but then, you had been playing there yourself "all day"? Nothing personal, but it sounds like you took a uncontrolled mental break at the table, and or got spooked. Did you play straight for hours without food or drink, or a pit stop at the washroom? You may have had what we, up here in Canada, like to call a Brain Fart... :shock: In the end, I trust
  4. Which online sites have easy money at the tables from the highest number of fish? Where do you find you are most successful?Where do you play online, and why?If this is a duplicate thread, please let me know...
  5. jmdb25 is correct in saying that Doyle Brunson, aka Texas Dolly, aka The Living Legend, is also known as the God Father of Poker for many good reasons!I am not aware of anyone, living or dead that has influenced Modern Poker so much, or so positively as Mr. Doyle Brunson! At 72, he is leading by example; he is up front about losing streaks, speaks from the heart, and has changed his play to suit the Modern Poker we have seen these last 3 - 5 years. He has even updated his classic tome, Super System with the new Super System II to reflect that the Tight Aggressive Play he advocated in the first
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