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  1. I have been playing low limit poker online for about 6 months now and consistently beating it. I make any where from 25-100 bucks for about 4 hours a day 4 tabling the .10/.25 tables. You get your bad beats every now and then but in the end it equals out.
  2. Bodog you can only get up to 100 dollars with your deposit (or 20%), You would be better off playing at Full Tilt if you like the bonus which you should clear pretty fast at those limits. But if you refer someone you can get 200 bucks per person on Bodog. I like bodog alot, play is good and customer service is awesome. If you do deposit on Bodog here referral # P1E2946. That is a 1 next to the P
  3. Yeah I did that and got 3rd it was fun, you sign up for account and if you dont play they will eventually invite you to play in a tournament. I really like Bodog a lot, the customer service is top notch. The only thing I dont like is that you cant 4 table.
  4. Just wanted to let you guys know 100% up to 100 dollars it goes until june 26th with the Bonus code being JUNEFEVER. Also I have played like 300 raked hands and they are not showing up in my bonus, Anyone know what the deal is with that?
  5. Good explanation justblaze, pretty much what I really wanted to say.
  6. I am one of those people that raise to 2 dollars before flop. I had good hands cracked by fish that want to call everything. I dont always raise 2 dollars with everything depends on position.
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