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  1. he had to of known he was way behind on that flush draw.... bad shove IMO
  2. If the tfr is from Daniel...why should PS have a say in having to play a certain amout before taking it out.So is daniel playing with PS money or his own.
  3. i got orbitz for 222.00 okccheck farecompare.comBTW the mgm includes breakfast lunch and dinner buffets...just charge a all day access to your room for 2 keep the receipt(for the rest of the days buffets) and get refunded at checkout..
  4. so any luck with the promo code ?
  5. okc-las return(orbitz.com)----222.00 eachmgm grand --287.00 same dates slightly more BUT you get this(with promo code)Exclusive Offer!* Daily access to the Grand Buffet for 2 people* 2 VIP Passes to Studio 54 or Tabu* 2 complimentary MGM Grand poolside cocktails* 25% off Grand Spa or Christoph Salon* $20 Free Slot Play* $25 upgrade per night to Bungalow Suite* $30 upgrade per night to Celebrity Spa Suitethe free food alone is worth the difference in price...mgm pool is amazing.Much nicer hotel.IMO worth the extra2 free supper buffets/day for 4 days=$200.00 savings
  6. is HSP dead..have not heard anything lately ???
  7. Had picture take with me and Ray Bourque with the stanley cupTook eurostar from london to parisflew a 16hr direct flight from hong kong to Toronto (57 hrs. in the air in 12 days)Been to CubaStayed a Boston Bruins fanFlew with guy Lafleur from montreal to Las vegas
  8. looks like it fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branch!!
  9. Daniel's dog is one UGLY mutt....sorry Dan !!
  10. seat 1= Babe Ruth (if he had stayed a redsox)seat 2= Jessica Albaseat 3= Meseat 4= Eddie Murphyseat 5= John Candyseat 6= James Deanseat 7= Alfred Hitchcockseat 8= Harry Houdiniseat 9= Chevy Chaseseat 10= Osama Bin Ladennot really a dream final tbl...BUT
  11. i'm in check out this flop PokerStars Game #16030228769: Tournament #80160358, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2008/03/16 - 19:12:30 (ET)Table '80160358 245' 9-max Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: reggg (3550 in chips) Seat 2: kennyg1966 (3510 in chips) Seat 3: fwani (3040 in chips) Seat 4: MrFunktastic (2990 in chips) Seat 5: BigDaddyMav (2230 in chips) Seat 6: DRAGON767 (2490 in chips) Seat 7: smkymtn23 (2660 in chips) Seat 8: MikeTilt (3700 in chips) Seat 9: theEcrane (2820 in chips) BigDaddyMav: posts small blind 10DRAGON767: posts big blind 20*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to kennyg1966
  12. sorry no video...he asked for the floor....didn't like the answer then asked for another floor...lolkinda funny
  13. was anyone else at the bellagio for Mike's day one when the dealer refused to let him play and hand he was dealt because he was not seated.He asked for a floor...he came over and said ruling stands. the mouth then says "that's why i never play here the are a bunch of scum bags and all they care about is the rake" then the director comes over and says any more of that and we will give you a penalty.Ted forrest was at his table and sat there with a smile on his face.thought it was kinda funny...typical Mike
  14. David got lucky there...but Guy is worth 1.4 billion!!
  15. i can only make it for the first day...sched. problems for me
  16. that hand. 391k ..or more the talking from Gold was disgrace for poker
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