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  1. Tritz

    It's Cold

    I feel like this is year 87 of winter. Sick of it.
  2. I've been out of the scene. Will you share what happened to Phil?
  3. Here I am. I remember all these people. How fun. Good times had by all...many ...many years ago.
  4. at least we can all smile at this:http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2011/0...bank-of-america
  5. I'm playing omaha h/l trnys all day on full tilt.good luck today everyone
  6. Ahh, that makes the post hilarious then. Good one. Now I get it.
  7. You keep saying it was "magic." That makes you sound like the crazy one.
  8. Don't say "just a" you are still in a special club of very few.
  9. I fly a Lear 24 and MU2 for an air ambulance. What were you in?
  10. That's ok, I knew there would always be people who claim I'm a crackpot, but thanks anyway. FWIW, I am flying planes around.
  11. There's a name I haven't heard in years...Remember when Daniel's assistant was Travis.
  12. The airshow is the only thing i miss about wisconsin.
  13. I lived in oshkosh, but now live in nashville, tn.
  14. Good, RT. Good.I didn't make any of it up.But that's for another day..
  15. Why? Because everyone here thinks I'm a lunatic? Sounds like any normal marriage I know of...
  16. Hello everyone,Today is my 5th year anniversary at Full Contact Poker. When I first came to this site it wasn't this forum, it wasn't a poker room, it was a very basic white design that held all of Daniel's articles he's written for various publications through out the years.I just want to say congratulations to team fullcontactpoker.com for what it has become.
  17. Isn't Jamie too old to be hanging out at house parties with those awful people?
  18. I don't really want to get one because if the immune system can't handle the small dose - you could get a lot worse than just really sick...I think I'll take my chances.
  19. I've known two people now who have died from swine flu. One last year before it was all the rage to get it. One last month, I was at a party and this dude was there with his wife and two daughters. One week later he was dead. Crazy stuff. Glad you were able to kick it.
  20. Oh I get it now.... Sorry. I'm slow. Or drunk. It's my birthday....I'm just so use to everyone making fun of me.
  21. That was tantalar or something, no?
  22. I don't get that gift thing? That wasn't me.
  23. I use to have that software.
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