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  1. I'm not sure Alvarez should be a dog, however slight. But I do think it's a tossup. I give Alvarez the edge because he might just be able to wrestle-fuck Connor for 5 rounds. But, I don't know, I kind of agree with, I think it was Kavanagh, in that McGregor's speed and power down below 170 is insane for the first round and a half, and that Diaz's godlike chin allowed him to survive both of those fights early rounds, and that anyone else taking those shots would have fallen. I think if Alvarez doesn't wrestle-fuck (without catching one) for the first 2 rounds he might get put down. His
  3. Happy birthday to the following users: (34) SleepyPkrLdy (28) CharlesPluta (32) Minibert87 (36) gallet44 (33) pierninee (28) rrumsey
  4. When he did the stop right before he entered the octagon, pondered, looked out at the crowd, nodded, gave a smirk, looked down to "gather himself" and "soak in the moment" before stepping in, when the charisma and the showmanship were on full display, subtle, but still obvious, I thought: maybe this guy won't just be beaten embarrassingly, he might literally be killed.
  5. Rarely. Once a month or so. But yes, I was stupid, twice, with my posting skills. It's really easy to be amazing when you rigorously think and easily admit and thereby correct error. And I wasn't talking about anyone's response to anything, other than yours: ... you fucking gimp. I was responding to what you said. I was responding to you. I literally quoted you, and responded to you. You. are ****ing. stupid. Sure, they're "celebrating native americans", except for how all those native Americans and native American groups are telling them that t
  6. Oh my fucking god, I just did it again. Back-paged by mistake this time and lost my post. Not retyping. Some of it was about how this was a result of my other post being eaten. Something about there having been fire, and how my fire burns hot and bright and blah blah blah. And I lose the post discussing the lost post. This is probably God punishing me for some black racist shit I did one time.
  7. Well, I had some responses typed up, but somehow lost it and am too apathetic to retype it. So, yeah, I'll just agree that we need to spend more time talking about the rampant black racism in this country, and that that dude should have worn a "Niggers" shirt because blacks are the ones he should be satirizing, not the white owners, because black racism or something.
  8. Who gives a shit about the past? There is enough racism today to be angry about. What the **** does the past have to do with anything? Who gives a shit if someone is also angry about past racism? And "past" racism is the ****ing foundation of a lot of the systemic inequalities today. You think the children and grandchildren of people who literally couldn't eat at the same table as their white peers haven't had effects from that? The economic, educational, living standard, health, networks and privileges ****ing start from scratch in a family or community after the law says niggers aren't slave
  9. Aww, poor white people. Also, whites and blacks own those teams "in their cities" together? Huh, I didn't know the Idians and the Redskins were co-owned by white and black individuals. Oh, wait, and http://sportsblogs.star-telegram.com/.a/6a00e54f7fc4c58833014e88d30f1d970d-320wi they aren't. You're just fucking stupid and wrong on every god damn issue. That's the only "really strange" thing here. Oh shit! Racism is dead! Someobody should have told me. Poor white people, eating racism (which is over) because of dead racist white people.
  10. Fuck I cringed hard during the "I know I have a god given ability" part.
  11. Not everything Trump says is a lie.
  12. Yeah, good shit. Cyborg coming over finally is interesting.
  13. - The Iron That Comes - He rides in the night and the cold though he is tired and hurt. His clothes are wet from the rain so his tunic is heavy and sticks to his body. He uses the tunic to swathe his shoulders and chest but no matter how tight it is set it does little to help from the wind. He dozes at times, lulled by the rhythms of the trot of the horse and the taps of the rain on the brim of his hat. Again and again he is roused from these sleeps by a chill down his spine from the bite of the cold. He says "fuck", every time. In hope to keep warm and that having to balance might k
  14. b v s is poorly edited and written. A lot of it looks good, though. Some things looked garbage, however - the worst offender I can't mention because spoilers. Batfleck pulled it off, and the fight scene against the room full of thugs (which you already saw most of because the trailer decisions were terrible as well), was the best live action Batman I've ever seen. WW actor was alright, if a little wooden. Sups actor was alright, if a little (or maybe a lot) wooden. Eisenberg was an great DC villain. Unfortunately that DC villain was the Riddler - he's a trash tier Lex Lutho
  15. That's one of the things I like about it. If Diaz beats him - especially via knockout, especially at 155 - the humiliation factor is undeniable. Ups the ante. I like JDS too, as you mentioned in the other thread.
  16. I like McGregor/Diaz running it back. I like Jones/Cormier, particularly how genuinely they dislike each other. I mean, the whole p4p beast who's been training harder than ever before is a good angle too, but I really like the actual disdain between the two. Also there's a nice David v Goliath thing going on. Jones is a freak of nature, so the underdog factor is real.
  17. Add Trumps ability to pull in the non-voting/too racist and poor to take polls with Clinton's high unlikablity numbers with #bernieorbust type apathy if Hillary wins the nom and the ferver with which authoritarians come out to vote and I am not convinced Trump/Clinton is a done deal. I think Trump is unlikely, still, because I think enough independents and moderates will vote non-batshit. But, I don't know, I have a low bar for the intelligence of the U.S. population.
  18. gouch, Are you going for a "so terrible and committed to being terrible that it crosses over into good" thing? If not, it isn't working. And this shouldn't be a "ha, the amazing guy noticed what I'm doing and I got him to respond to me, if I keep going it will really pay off artistically - man this is so awesome, I just need to stick to it and keep grinding it out on this account" prompt. This is an intervention to save you the calories you'll waste otherwise.
  19. What's funny? He has a good brain, a great brain. He talks to a lot of people, the best people, and he has the best plan to make things great. He talks to the best and smartest people and uses his tremendous brains and great talents to win. When you have the best plans you do great things, no matter what it is, you take the great ideas and turn them into the hugest successes and make everything the best, just the greatest. I know you like to laugh but the people are motivated and they want to make America great again, and people like you, for whatever reason, maybe you're stupid and fat and ma
  20. I considered this for awhile. Especially for a spell there where Trump was getting more and more absurd, seeming like he was just straight up taunting the sheep and trying to sabotage his nomination, "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose voters". But at this point, he's going so far with the violence baiting and shit that it seems like he can't be doing it on purpose. I mean, it's one thing to troll and stir things up, it's another to have people across the world comparing you, non-hyperbolicly, to Hitler and Mussolini. Of course, then I see
  21. Here's a much better angle: http://www.usatoday.com/media/cinematic/video/81700090/
  22. Hahahaha. The idea that I am intellectually intimidated by anyone is, genuinely, hilarious. Thanks for that. Yeah, I think there is a distinct possibility Frankie basically ground works him the entire fight. However, bet-wise Conor still has a 4 inch reach on everyone you mentioned and his finish rate at 145 is much higher, so I personally wouldn't take that bet without odds. But, I don't think anything less is a suckers bet or anything, since we've just never seen Conor fight someone with Edgar's skill-set, and I'm skeptical Conor can do what he's done against the others agai
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