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  1. Don't forget wayne, club link sale on Wednesday. Any other guys that want to come, let me know and we can all meet up.
  2. The hockey news can't pay writers. They have no money. So basically, anyone on this forum is probably as qualified or more qualified to discuss the NHL, or NHL fantasy, or Game Of Thrones than anyone employed by THN. It's really a shame.
  3. im going to sell them both just as autographed, not game used.
  4. should I come sell a Crosby stick
  5. its amazing, isn't it? I forgot mine once going to work for 24 hours and ended up having to take an hour emergency leave to come home and get it.
  6. doors open for the sale at 10 am on the 22nd. Let's go. Now, about the Range Rover. ....
  7. when Australia decided to ban most weapons except hunting guns after a mass shooting, they instituted amnesty and reward programs that were so popular that they now do it on a regular basis. The latest one collected 50,000 weapons. http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/06/asia/australia-gun-amnesty/index.html
  8. the club link annual sale for members begins nov 22. Basically, they ship everything leftover from all the clublink courses pro shops to Glen Abbey. The whole basement is jammed with shoes, clubs, and tons of clothes. Amazing deals. Let me know if you want to go and I'll bring you. All I need you to do is tell my wife that buying a Range Rover now is good for our tax situation.
  9. i played golf today too. Glen Abbey. It was actually not cold at all. Plus I won all the money.
  10. i think one of his plusses when he got the job was that he was the WBS coach. So those guys were 'his' guys and when he called them up when he got the pens spot, he played the shirt out of them. Now, this guys are his first second and third line and he doesn't play the fourth line at all, and I think it's because they're not 'his' guys.
  11. Really felt the back to back stinker coming from the pens. So I load up on jets on DFS. Yeah, I have ehlers, laine, and little. Zero zero and .5 pts. Oh, Blake wheeler with 12 pts? Didn't take him. I suck.
  12. rookie party never on a night before a game. And tru rookie parties are pretty rare. Usually a rookie dinner where the rookie(s) gets stuck with a 15-20k dinner bill.
  13. just so you don't think I'm horrible, I won $30. And most of it was from Damien Cox, who most of you hate. Also played with Brad Fay, who is a super nice guy. And the beard guy from Walk Off The Earth. But can't talk about that.
  14. absolutely. When the clubs and balls are cold, they compress less, and don't fly as far. https://www.titleist.ca/teamtitleist/b/tourblog/archive/2016/01/19/titleist-golf-ball-r-amp-d-on-temperature-and-golf-ball-performance
  15. I played rattlesnake yesterday and I cheated since we were playing for 5$. I kept my clubs and my golf balls inside the house and then kept the balls in a bag that was heated. I was getting 20 yards more per club.
  16. if you like music, Bluebird cafe. Every Nashville star cut their teeth playing at the bluebird.
  17. I know Fox News panders to this clown like he's personally providing hookers for all their senior staff, but their 'interviews' with him have now literally become them leading questions with HIS lies. We are ****ed.
  18. you guys are always welcome. Put together a game for my house.
  19. Our acccountant's name is Wayne Ing. Because he's always wayne-ing about how bad his fantasy team is. Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha
  20. I've just resorted to calling everyone 'dipstick'. It's equally offensive to everyone. Just happy to do my part for racial unity.
  21. Interesting team. I watched them some in preseason and now have watched all of their games. Scoring depth is an issue. But they are playing a very aggressive forecheck, and come up the ice fast. Teams will make mistakes playing them. Their D is average at best, but they're playing a nice team system that seems to mitigate that a bit. Fleury has been on another planet. Can they keep it up? No. but they're better than expected. In a playoff hockey scenario (not saying they will make the playoffs, but referring to the style and intensity of playoff hockey), they will get exposed. Not deep eno
  22. I've been on social media today saying this, but worth mentioning in here: The knights removed all advertising from their rink boards for their home opener and replaced it with 'Vegas strong'. Tonight, for their home opener, of which there will be exactly one for all time, they dropped all the gala extravaganza and decided to just honour victims and first responders. They will do their 'official' grand opening on Friday. This is a class move for the ages, and one that deserves an awful lot of respect.
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