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  1. AHL Predictions These predictions are in no way meant to offend anyone (well maybe Serge) but just my often mistaken opinion. EAST Both Underdogs and Canadian Gothic will regress slightly but should still finish 1st/2nd. With the big free agent signings, Mustangs will be much improved, however 3rd place in division seems to be in the cards. Cheap Thieves gambled heavy on solid rookies, however a bunch will start the season in the minor's and might not make it up to NHL early enough to help. Look for a late season Thieves surge. Steelheads has started amassing a strong Farm again and will probably wait approx 2-3 years and then sweep Big M's in the finals again but wont contend this year. 1-Underdogs 2-Gothic 3-Mustangs (conference fan choice) 4-Cheap Thieves 5-Steelheads WEST With the exception of Shootloose, all teams in this division use the strong "forwards" weak "defenceman" approach. Easily the toughest division to predict order as any of the teams could finish 1-5. I think I will give the edge to team that owns one of the best players in history of NHL (Gretzky), Puck Warfare is well loved due to chocolate provider, however Tavaras and Barkov might have rough years which will hurt. 1-Magic D 2-Red Ravens 3-Winning Combo 4-Shootloose 5-Puck Warfare Conference Playoffs - Underdogs, Gothic Fighting for playoffs- Mustangs plus entire WEST Reject cup bound- Thieves and Steelheads North For the 4th out of the last 5 years, this division should once again produce the top division in the league. Shortstackers and Big M's have both maintained solid teams, however Greaseballs had a huge free agent draft plus farm help to become a big time contender. Whalers and Ingman both look to have a slightly stronger teams then last year, but will regress due to the stiff conference competition 1-Greasballs 2-Shortstackers 3-Big M's 4-Whalers 5-Ingman South The 4 years that the division title floated between Swackers and Pkdealers ends this year as Broadway will easily be the most improved and should capture the division. Both Swacker and Pkdealers will regress and be joined by an improved Scarborough Shooters (new assistant GM most probable reason) in fighting for 2nd-4th. Screaming Eagles has amassed a very deep farm and will probably pull a Broadway in 2 years to be an instant contender. 1-Broadway 2-Scarborough Shooters . 3-Swackers (conference fan choice) 4-Pkdealers 5-Eagles Conference Playoffs -Big M's, Stackers, Greaseballs, Broadway Fighting for playoffs- Ingman, Whalers, Pkdealers, Swackers, Shooters Reject cup bound- Eagles. Good luck to all AHL teams. This looks to be a very fun season with all the new side stuff happening.
  2. Quoted as not caring about something, but then once you win it, it is a big deal Must be a Leaf's fan
  3. First bet of the year Dale vs Ortenzio Champions League movement. Highest score out of 7 My Picks Elite winner - Shortstacker Elite drop - Underdogs Upper promotion - Big M's Upper drop - Magic Delicious Lower winner - Puck Warfare Lower drop - Steelheads Bottom feeder winner- Greaseballs Tie breaker last in bottom feeder - Cheap Thieves
  4. On a funnier note, Roy tells me that Greaseballs was the last Ahl team to own Denis Savard.
  5. I am not 100% sure, but I believe we are playing a perfect 75 game schedule (5 against conference and 3 against other conference) plus 28 playoff dates and dropping last 3 games.
  6. In 2 weeks you can change name again to 2017-18 Stanley Cup champions Vegas Golden Knights,
  7. I don’t think anyone can say the NHL is trying to help Las Vegas win. Washington/Tampa game 7 was Wednesday and Vegas/Winnipeg game 7 if required would of been Thursday. Cup Finals Game 1 should of been Saturday or latest on Sunday. A Monday start will nullify some of the Washington fatigue and give them a chance. Should be a fun series with 2 big storylines “ovechkin” vs “expansion team”
  8. I would add Patrick Kane to the list
  9. The Winnipeg / Nashville game 7 will probably decide teams that have chance to win the playoff pool. A Winnipeg win give Whalers a huge advantage(14 players left) going into third round with PkDealers(8)/Winning Combo(4)/Broadway(7) trying not to fall too far behind. A Nashville win gives Gothic(16)/Big M's(16)/Cheap Thieves(13) a huge gain for 3rd round, with Whalers(8), and Pkdealers(9) trying to hold on.
  10. Boom. And Ovecchkin conquers his Crosby demon.
  11. Conference finals. Wow. Should be a good series against either Nashville or Winnipeg.
  12. They should call Marchant "Mr Owl"
  13. For the AHL Playoff pool, I will use Colorado players to adjust the goalie series points, so if they show up on your team, you know why. round 1 adjustments both goalies win series 4 points, I will add Tyson Barrie to roster one goalie win series 2 points, I will add Alex Kerfoot one goalie series win, one goalie series loss 1 point, I will add Tyson Jost
  14. Thank you Rene Rancourt fpr all the years pf service. I hope tonight is a fitting swan song for you.
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