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  1. In 2006 I learned that online poker hates me, and really, how can you put a dollar figure on that?
  2. Ah, just reading this made me all sweaty and nervous thinking about the first time I finally took the leap and made a real money deposit at a poker site.Thanks for the memories. Might as well warm up the next $50 right now.
  3. Tomorrow (Thursday) midnight.
  4. Negative. It will be added to the main pool if no one wins it. This is not intended to be a money-making venture (unless I win, of course). Thanks - I will add that clarification.
  5. My friends and I are having a little amateurish WSOP ME draft because we were too lazy to get our picks in for the main pool before the beginning of the series.Interested FCPers are welcome.Info/signup are here.
  6. I like to play at about 3am on Saturday nights to clean out all of the drunks.Of course, I'm usually drunk myself.And usually lose.Hmmmmm . . .
  7. As long as it involves FCP stacking Pringles in my mouth, I'm in.
  8. "I don't know what's gonna happen, but right now, despite us making up, I don't want to continue this relationship if she keeps me from playing like she is.I'm going to Vegas next week and I'm gonna enjoy myself. No girlfriend, just me and poker. That's all I care about."Your real solution is in those four sentences.P.S. Swingers lines make me happy in pants.
  9. I would agree with you - the mind-numbingly awful tables that just seem to have prayed to pookong for you to take their money are much rarer than they were even a year or two ago . . . but the players who want you to have a 911 coupe are still out there. Just takes a little extra lookin', aka table selection.
  10. What if . . . I had the 48 seconds of my life back that it took to read that "list"
  11. Not so cut & dried, I don't think. Such technicalities are true in casinos, where hard and fast rules are rigid, are made clear, and are strenuously enforced by dealers, bosses, supervisors, managers, and video cameras. In home games (every one I've played in at least), the only hard & fast rule is what is right in the eyes of the majority stands, with a veto going to the host. If everyone else at the table, including the host, considered it a call, it's a call. House rules.
  12. Yeah, I got PM'd a picture of a noose a couple of days ago from an established poster who I've never even had any interaction with.Weird.Oh well. Just one more person's mom I have to go and ****.
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