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  1. yeah.. I figured it had been brought up here but I must have missed it.
  2. I dont know if this has been discudssed or not... Would like to see if this is even true:http://kickasspoker.blogspot.com/2006/06/p...rreal-life.html
  3. It's tempting...but next time. Im too busy with work and after memorial day a little exhausted.
  4. however not a huge accoplishment...54 entries. $20+2.we'll see how I do... well...that sucked 99 vs AQ..... JJ vs. AJ, I lose both in the 2nd and 5th hands of the final table! LOL...blah.bed time
  5. $10 buy in with 144 players for a win of $432
  6. well...if anyone was watching thanks! I took it down.
  7. It's nothing like a PrtPsux rail...but im at the 9PM $10 final table....Bearw8
  8. I guess that means play should end soon due to the fact it's down to 13.SW
  9. 89k left with blinds at 5k/10k/1k antes....utg with KdJc. push to get blinds and run into AdQs on the button.Flop=8d7d4d...Kc on turn puts me ahead. 2d diamond on river gives him Ace high flush to beat my king high flush. Im out 5th with $512. Thanks for watching.
  10. missed a huge bet...but made the right laydown after I let him hit a set on the turn
  11. 29 left...32k (11th in chips) Guy to my right has beaten me to the pot 3 times now.
  12. missed a raise with 99 on q37 flop only to see an A on the turn. Fold. about 18k now.
  13. I get KK and i dont even get the option to bet or call...It just folds me. I dont know, maybe I accidentally pressed fold...I make a statement to the table about it and two hands later I get KK again. KK vs. AT and I double.
  14. up and down 2nd hour. Was movin' on up then I had to make 2 laydowns. 10,815
  15. end of first hour. 11,145 seen 10 flops, 2 rivers. Both showdowns were won by maginal hands but I was ahead the whole way.
  16. didnt mean to quote...Im in as Bearw8.
  17. Wasn't really trying to talk down to anybody...I am no better than anyone else here, so no offense meant. And to the genius who said I just joined due to the recent announcement... Read my post a little slower next time....you might even realize i "offically" joined about 2-3 weeks after you. Thanks to those who had good responses...and as for me being a "2 post Donkey" i hope the SW was somehow cut off.
  18. I joined a while ago after reading the forum daily for months. Posted once, although I can’t seem to find that now, and got flamed for only having one post. Since then, I figured why bother. I guess what I am trying to say is that this is a community and just cause someone doesn't have posts equal to their number visit's, they shouldn't be dismissed. I'd rather see new people post about good topics than see long posts of FCP veterans getting into a pissing match about who is better. And no, a poll about Greg Raymers weight is not what I consider a good topic. And yes, I am all for laughing at
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