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  1. Is a WPT champion.That is all.
  2. reaping the benefits.Watching this FT live was just awesome, congrats to Gib for one hell of a tournament!
  3. gg man..220th for me. best of luck to all in events to come!
  4. That ruling about turning off the ringer is just insane...WOW.Yeah I dont post much and haven't visited here as frequently but Im going into day 2 with 23k after a wild day 1 that involved 3 seperate comebacks from less than 10bbs.
  5. Finally reaping those charter member benefits.Got the e-mails as well fwiw.<-----oh sick missed my 4 year anniversary! ( I lurked a while)
  6. Ya this made no sense so I looked back on it. He raised utg and I shipped ATs spew style 21bbs from MP.Not defending my play here whatsoever. I will say I was on 8 tables and regretting entering this as I was playing both HEROS events and trying to keep track of discarded hands in stud games etc. I took a bad approach of, well...obv nothing technically sound. NNB informed me of this post even after calling my mother stupid on mothers day? Can u believe that?!!? :)sorry about the beat man gl me in FTOPS HEROS
  7. This was a live feed? Did you see me standing behind hot ass KL?
  8. Sicko...congrats. Now turn up the heater more!
  9. This+ what I wrote 3 pages ago sums it up.
  10. People expand and/or move on. This was the first poker forum I ever visited, and was the only one I read for a very long time. I don't post much (and it was several months before I actually did) but I find that I probably come here maybe twice a week as opposed to the several times a day in the past. It's not that I don't like it here, its just that I have discovered probably a dozen other poker related sites/forums I frequently visit. That all being said, this forum really got me going with poker outside the local games I was playing in 2004. First place I ever received outside thoughts on th
  11. I was going to answer with a very specific and productive post to every question you have about your potential plan to move here.But now I'll just check back periodically on your venture for entertainment.
  12. QFT. (cept a lil off on the exact # but w/e) TYTYTY! Yeah, Im pretty old around here but kinda suck at posting.
  13. People who at showdown are shown the winning hand but hold on to their cards for at least 30 secs...looking at the board, looking back at the hand they are now holding just above their chips (usually bending/curving significantly)...sighing and making facial expressions at least a couple times...all before finally mucking. This is usually after check/tank calling on every street.
  14. Exactly this. (creepy wow as I would have posted the same if I didnt read the thread first)Go to Pandora.com and make an Explosion in the Sky channel and you will find even more.
  15. Sigh...where was this whe I lived there? Grinding limit at Hollywood and driving so far for NL @ Harrahs/Resorts--Trump/Majestic sucked.
  16. 7th. 39,000 in U.S. Currency less than what I was aiming for.
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